Vision of the Corinne Boyer Chair

The Chair was established in acknowledgement of the fact that:

  • there is a current lack of effective treatment for women with ovarian cancer
  • the 5-year prognosis for women who become afflicted with this disease has not changed in 30 years
  • the number of scientists with research programs specifically directed to the study of ovarian biology and ovarian cancer is limited.

The paucity of information regarding the cause and nature of ovarian cancer is recognized as an impediment to the development of effective strategies for the prevention, detection and treatment of ovarian cancer.

The Corinne Boyer Chair in Ovarian Cancer Research was created to foster the development of an integrated, innovative, multidisciplinary ovarian cancer research program that will investigate the pathogenesis of ovarian cancer. With the appropriate collaborations, the knowledge generated from these studies can be translated effectively into improved diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for women with ovarian cancer.

The Chair proposes to achieve these goals through the following approaches:

  • take a leadership role in fostering and strengthening a work environment that attracts, nurtures and rewards excellence in ovarian cancer research
  • develop resources (eg. the ovarian cancer tissue bank) that will facilitate the study of ovarian cancer by any qualified researcher in Canada
  • serve as a conduit for the flow of information and resources to colleagues and collaborators who can assist in the battle against ovarian cancer
  • create multidisciplinary networks that enable the rapid transition of discoveries in basic science into clinical applications
  • communicate to the community the risks of ovarian cancer and progress in research.