Division of Paediatric Neurosurgery

The Paediatric Neurosurgery service at CHEO is presently composed of two Paediatric Neurosurgeons (Dr. Michael Vassilyadi and Dr. Munyao Nzau) and one Nurse Practitioner (Gail Macartney). There is one Paediatric Neurosurgery Fellow, as well as medical students and residents who rotate through. There are two full day Paediatric Neurosurgery clinics with approximately 1800 patients seen each year. This includes a clinic for children with plagiocephaly that is driven by the Nurse Practitioner.

Referrals from Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec and Iqaluit consist of children with congenital brain and spinal lesions including spina bifida, tethered cord, spasticity, hydrocephalus, Chari malformations, syringomyelia, skull deformities, craniosynostosis, traumatic brain injuries, and brain and spinal cord lesions including tumors, cysts, abscesses and vascular malformations.

Available surgical tools include a ceiling mounted intraoperative microscope, microinstruments, both pneumatic and electrical craniotomes, an intraoperative navigation system, an ultrasonic aspirator, both rigid and steerable intracranial endoscopes, shunt scopes, and both absorbable and titanium plating systems.

The Division of Paediatric Neurosurgery at CHEO collaborates with the Division of Paediatric Plastic Surgery (Dr. Danny Peters) for the dual management of craniofacial abnormalities. Dr. Vassilyadi directs a Concussion Research Project clinic half a day per week and is actively engaged in teaching, research and community outreach with respect to injury prevention and concussion education.