Undergraduate Education

The faculty in the division of Urology are actively involved in the undergraduate curriculum under the direction of Dr. Matthew Roberts, Urology undergraduate coordinator and Elizabeth Balharrie, education coordinator for the division.  The faculty and residents are frequent recipients of teaching awards and we strive to provide an educational environment.  Urology lectures and seminars in years one and two are built into the renal block.  In year two, relevant physical exam is included in a seminar entitled “the sensitive clinical exam”.  In the transition period to clerkship, the urology service participates in 1 week placements to orient students to the hospital environment.

Year three offers a two week rotation on the urology service as part of the surgery block and a total of four hours of lectures on adult and pediatric urology.  Elective opportunities are sought after by students from across the country in years three and four in preparation for the CaRMS match.  Below is a list of elective opportunities and contact information.

Common Surgery Elective Requests
Request What to do Contact
University of Ottawa  -
4th yr Student
  • All inquiries must be directed first to Dr. Matthew Roberts (mroberts@toh.ca)
Dr. Matthew Roberts
613-737-8899 ext 73637

University of Ottawa
1st or 2nd yr Student
  • Students are to contact the surgeon's office directly to set up their 10-20 hour elective or “Non-Mandatory Observation”.
  • Our surgery website contains step by step instructions: University of Ottawa Electives Catalogue
  • It is the student's responsibility to inform Dr. Matthew Roberts of their confirmed elective dates. Dr. Roberts can then ensure the student obtains an OR Access Card (for General Campus only)
Dr. Matthew Roberts
613-737-8899 ext 73637
Canadian Visiting
Medical Student or
Canadian Student
Studying Abroad (CSA)
  • All inquiries must be directed first to Julie Clavelle (elective@uottawa.ca)
  • The student is asked to pay an elective fee and get their immunization papers in order.
  • Once this is done, the application is forwarded to Dr. Matthew Roberts who then coordinates a placement with the surgeon/surgeon's office.
Julie Clavelle
613-562-5800 x8552 
Visiting Pre-Clerkship
(1st or 2nd year)
Medical students only,
no research or patient
care can occur
  • All inquiries must be directed first to Dr. Matthew Roberts (mroberts@toh.ca). There are a limited number of placements available.
Dr. Matthew Roberts
613-737-8899 ext 73637
Research There are a number of ways a student can go about conducting research:
  • Be granted approval through the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI)
  • Contact surgeon directly (still must get approval from OHRI)
  • U of O students can apply for a Studentship through the Faculty of Medicine’s Research Office  
www.ohri.ca Faculty of Medicine, Research Office
Studentships for Undergraduate Medical Students