Over nearly three decades of existence, the Ottawa thoracic team has demonstrated a proud tradition of pursuing relevant, useful, innovative clinical research. While building a rich legacy of comprehensive clinical evaluation, remarkable surgical volume, and principles based surgery, it took time to amass the critical mass necessary within the division to expand a research program. Ottawa thoracic research has grown considerably in recent years, and has several areas of focus diversified under prospective or retrospective studies. Our clinical studies relate to all major study types including Investigator driven or Industry sponsored clinical trials, Observational studies for Quality Assurance, Database Research and Evaluation of New or Post-Approval surgical techniques and devices. Investigators interested to collaborate or any patients looking to participate in our research are encouraged to contact the Director of Research Dr. Andrew Seely at Thoracic Clinical Research Office (TCRO).

Highlights of our Research

  • Over the last three years, there has been an evolving divisional focus and expertise on the monitoring of thoracic surgical outcomes using standardized prospective documentation of the incidence and severity of adverse events after thoracic surgery.
  • Leading in multi-center randomized controlled trials, such as the role of PET scanning in the management of lung cancer patients and the role of melatonin in decreasing lung cancer recurrence after resection.
  • We are developing an electronic system to perform bedside iPad clinical documentation, information management and quality monitoring

Thoracic Clinical Research Office (TCRO)

Director: Dr. Andrew JE Seely

Research Program Manager: Anna Fazekas

Clinical Trials Coordinator: Jahanzeb Khan

Computer Programmer : Caitlin Anstee

Research Associate: Dr. Kim Newman

PhD Student: Jelena Ivanovic 

Division of Thoracic Surgery Investigators

Dr. Andrew JE Seely
Dr. Donna Maziak
Dr. Sebastien Gilbert
Dr. Farid Shamji
Dr. Sudhir Sundaresan