The Division of Cardiac Surgery is actively involved in research, and over half our Division members hold post-graduate degrees. The division has a strong track record of peer-reviewed publications with over 300 peer-reviewed publications in last decade.

Both Basic Science and Clinical research are actively developed.

There is a Basic Science Cardiac Surgery Research Laboratory (Dr Ruel, Dr Suuronen, Dr Labow) developing translational research in stem cells/ tissue engineering for myocardial regeneration, well-funded with peer-reviewed grants and a with an endowed research  fellowship opened to MD as well as PhD.

The Clinical Research is articulated around major databases and specialized valve clinics. There is a general valve clinic unit conducting prospective longitudinal research on prosthetic valves (Dr Mesana, Dr Ruel, Dr Lam), a dedicated mitral valve repair clinical research project (Dr Mesana, Dr Chan, over 1200 patients in follow-up since 2001) and a thoracic aorta and aortic valve repair clinic  (started in 2010, Dr Boodhwani). We have a permanent team with research personnel working either for the valve clinic (3), or in dedicated programs such as mitral (2) and aortic (1) valve repair, with one additional research personnel to coordinate various studies, help with HREB applications, etc.. Such permanent organization is an appreciable support for staff and residents/fellows engaging into clinical research studies.

The clinical Research is also articulated around clinical trials (Cascade, Tissue Valve study, Cardiotomy, TRAM EMAT, Excel, etc)

For more information about research please also visit the Web site for the University of Ottawa Heart Institute Research Corporation.