2012 News and Events

Fall 2012

Annual Report 2012 ebook version

2012 Annual report spread.

Every year the Department of Surgery is proud to gather all of our admirable achievements to generate our Annual Report. Highlighting each honor, award, milestone, promotion, recruitment, research endeavors and notable divisional activities, our Department of Surgery Annual Report is sure to amaze! It is with great pride that we present the 2012 Annual Report.

Summer 2012

Ottawa Skill and Simulation Centre

Minimally Invasive Surgery Endoscopic Endonasal Course at the Ottawa Skills and Simulation Center.

Through Thursday May 31st to Sunday June 3rd, the Ottawa Skills and Simulation Center and Drs. Kassam, Agbi and Corsten hosted new 360° Minimally Invasive Surgery Endoscopic Endonasal Course – Pituitary/Skull Base Approaches as well as introduced the “SMART Systems” Approach for Minimally Invasive Access to Subcortical Lesions –The Brainport. The course featured six hands-on dissection lab sessions.

The course took the six pillars of Neurosurgical Innovation (Mapping, Navigation, Optics, Access, Resection and Targeted Therapy/Neoadjuvant) and offered a systems solution (“SMART Systems Approach”). The participant were exposed systematically to each of these pillars or core competencies, in an effort to build a personalized delivery system that will create a template/guide for selecting the approach and technology required to treat the specific lesion in a targeted precise fashion, with measurable outcomes – biometrics.

In addition, given the health care economic environment there was an additional focus on the field of Surgical Biometrics. This is a rapidly emerging field that focuses on the impact and value added of surgical technologies. The participant were exposed to the factors that affect surgical efficiency, patient flow, and impact on health system economics. This comprehensive course covered current indications, limitations and surgical techniques for endoscopic endonasal surgery of the skull base, pituitary fossa, orbit and craniocervical junction. The course also covered the indications, limitations and surgical techniques for an evolving field of intraaxial subcortical  surgery using white matter mapping/tractography and the use of the brainport access system and the more recent exoscope  (not endoscope) optics platform.

Faulty members presented the technical nuances and technological requirements of these surgeries, using a modular anatomical system that can be translated to the dissection laboratory. Current indications, advantages, limitations and outcomes were discussed. The course comprised a sequence of complementary didactic lectures, prosections, 3-D anatomical reviews and 6 hands-on cadaver dissections.

2012 National Capital Knee Symposium

Advertisement for 2012 National Capital Knee Symposium at the University of Ottawa’s Skills and Simulation Centre.

Come to Canada’s capital in the fall of 2012 and learn the latest in knee joint restoration procedures at the University of Ottawa’s state of the art Skills and Simulation Centre. Lectures and demonstrations will be presented by international opinion leaders and you will be given the opportunity to perform the same operations in a lab setting. Didactic sessions will take place at the Westin Hotel, located in the heart of downtown Ottawa and close to the historic Byward Market, the National Arts Centre and upscale shops of Sussex Drive.

We encourage you to consider early registration to inform us of your educational priorities and confirm your hotel reservations at the Westin Hotel during your stay in Ottawa

Hope to see you there,
Dr. Geoff Dervin MD, FRCSC
Dr. Don Johnson MD, FRCSC

For more info, visit our website at http://www.med.uottawa.ca/CPD/eng/

Spring 2012

Collins Day 2012

2012 Collins Surgcial Day Reception and Dinner, held at the Rideau Club.

The 29th Collins Surgical Day was held Friday, May 11, 2012. This annual event began in 1979 and in 1984 was named in honor of Dr. W.E. Collins, Emeritus Professor of Surgery and the first Coordinator of the Surgical Training Programs (1976-1984).

Our honoured guest this year was Dr. John Birkmeyer, Professor of Surgery and Director of the Center for Healthcare Outcomes and Policy at the University of Michigan.

The scientific session was held in the Foustanellas Auditorium of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. There were fourteen platform and eighteen poster presentations, selected competitively and reflecting a great diversity of high quality research. Dr. Birkmeyer gave an outstanding keynote address entitled: “Strategies to Improve Quality in Surgery.”

The scientific program was very well attended and highly successful. The latter reflects the skill, commitment and hard work of the residents and fellows in our training programs, but thanks are also very much due to their supervisors and mentors in the Department and elsewhere. Thanks are also due to the adjudicators for Collins Day, Drs. Angel Arnaout, Robert Feibel, Dar Kubelik, Danny Peters, and to Drs. Rebecca Auer and Guillaume Martel for chairing the poster discussion session.

The Collins Day Reception and Dinner was held at the Rideau Club, where the Main Dining Room was at full capacity with residents, staff, spouses and others. Mr. David Hill was again kind enough to be our host and briefly recounted some of the club’s history. The research prizes and teaching awards (see below) were presented, graduating residents and fellows recognized, and a recognition was given to Dr. Farid Shamji for his long and remarkable service to undergraduate surgical education, and Drs. Thierry Mesana and Andrew Hill who have completed highly successful terms as the Chairs of Cardiac Surgery and Vascular Surgery, respectively.

Awards Recipients – Collins Day 2012

Excellence in Teaching – Best Staff Teacher
  • Dr. J Pollock, Orthopedics
  • Dr. Richard Mimeault, General Surgery
Outstanding Resident Teaching – Best Resident Teacher
  • Dr. Dave Harvey, Urology
  • Dr. Sean Smith, General Surgery
  • Dr. Kailey Birn, General Surgery
W.E. Collins Prize – Best Overall Paper
  • Dr. Hadi Toeg, Cardiac Surgery
Graeme Barber Prize – Best Clinical Paper
  • Dr. Sasha Carsen, Orthopedic Surgery
J.P. Collins Prize – Best Basic Science Paper
  • Dr. Chris Zappavigna, Urology
Best Poster Presentation
  • Dr. Luke Lavallée, Urology

Winter 2012

TOH Professionalism Award

The TOH Professional Award recognizes outstanding physicians who demonstrate continuous professionalism towards colleagues and patients and is recognized as living the core values of the Hospital. It is with great honor that we announce that two of the Department of Surgery Faculty members are the 2012 recipients of The Ottawa Hospital Professionalism Award.

Congratulations to Dr. Marc Ruel with the Division of Cardiac Surgery and Dr. Richard Mimeault with the Division of General Surgery.

Both were honored at 2012 TOHAMO/Medical Staff Association dinner held on February 23.