Quiz: Test your Professionalism Competency

  1. Which of the following values and attributes are NOT included in the University of Ottawa’s formal Declaration of Professionalism?

    1. Responsibility and Accountability
    2. Determination and Economy 
    3. Honesty and Integrity
    4. Compassion and Empathy
    5. Altruism and Respect

  2. The Nuremberg Code, established after World War II, is a set of principles governing

    1. The use of animals in medical research
    2. The use of antibiotics in medical research 
    3. Informed consent in medical research
    4. Physicians’ commitment to the humanitarian goals of medicine
    5. Professionalism in research


  3. The CanMEDS Physician Competency Framework provides a model for the medical education of specialists and physician competence in Canada.

    1. True
    2. False


  4. Patient-based ethical decision making in the clinical practice of medicine falls under the realm of...

    1. Ethics of professionalism in medicine
    2. Bioethics
    3. Ethics
    4. Clinical ethics
    5. None of the above


  5. Which of the following is / are obligations of a medical student?

    1. Respect for patient confidentiality
    2. Respect for all members of the health care team
    3. Respect for professors, preceptors, and peers
    4. Respect for cadavers and anatomical specimens in the anatomy lab
    5. All of the above

  6. What are your obligations to professionalism after medical school?

    1. Dedication to cost-effectiveness and resource allocation
    2. Dedication to ethical medical practice
    3. Dedication to pharmaceutical research in the elderly population
    4. Dedication to lifelong learning
    5. b AND d

  7. In order to practice medicine in Ontario, you must register with the following organization. (Hint – this organization regulates the practice of medicine in Ontario in the interest of the public)

    1. Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP)
    2. College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO)
    3. Ontario Medical Association (OMA)
    4. Canadian Medical Association (CMA)
    5. Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA


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