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The Professionalism program at uOttawa, Faculty of Medicine, is integrated into the formal curriculum during both the pre-clerkship and clerkship years. The goal of the program is to incorporate the values and attributes of professionalism into medical students by making students aware of their present and future obligations. The professionalism program not only emphasizes how students are expected to behave, but also discusses why certain characteristics and attributes are absolutely necessary for the practice of medicine. Currently, the Professionalism program at uOttawa includes the following:


  • Included in the acceptance package to the Faculty of Medicine is a letter from the Chair of Professionalism regarding students’ entry into a healing Profession, and a copy of the Declaration of Professionalism.
  • During Orientation Week there is an afternoon which includes some talks by a Faculty member and a few residents on "Life as a Doctor", followed by a discussion of the Declaration (led by students).
  • The students receive their personal 'parchment' copy of the Declaration at the White Coat Ceremony held at the end of the week,  recite the opening and closing statements of the Declaration as a whole class (in both languages),  and are officially welcomed into the Faculty of Medicine at that time.

Case Scenarios

  • Professionalism CASE SCENARIO sessions are held during the fall and spring for both YEARS I & II. The class is divided into small groups of 10–13 students for these sessions, each led by a Faculty Facilitator (English and French speaking groups).
  • A small package of READINGS on Professionalism is distributed to the first year class prior to the first case scenario session.


  • A teaching session is given to the entire class during the LINK Block (prior to clerkship), including a review of relevant CPSO guidelines.


  • Throughout the first 2 years, Professional behaviour is evaluated in the PBL setting by the PBL Tutor for each of the Blocks.
  • In Years 3 & 4 (clerkship), students are evaluated for their Professionalism in the clinical setting by their Preceptors.


  • A student / faculty Professionalism Committee meets approximately 3 times per year to review and consult on Professionalism issues. All students and faculty are invited to join this committee.
  • The Director of Professionalism, Anglophone stream UGME is Dr. Anna Byszewski.
  • The Director of Professionalism, Francophone stream UGME is Dr. André Bilodeau.
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