Declaration of Professionalism

The Declaration of Professionalism at the University of Ottawa was created in 2000, under the guidance of Dr. Walter Hendelman, by a group of five 2nd and 3rd year medical students. Although the information contained within the declaration was already outlined by the Faculty of Medicine in the Professional Standards section of the Academic Calendar, students wanted to create a formal document to function as an oath of their commitment to medicine. Key values and attributes to be used as headings were decided upon, and the information from the academic calendar was collated and redistributed to fit under these headings. It was also decided that each statement within the declaration would commence with "I will" in order to personalize the obligations outlined in the document. Since its creation in 2000, the Declaration of Professionalism has been recited and signed during the white coat ceremony by every medical student entering medical school. The University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine will continue to uphold this tradition and instill the values of professionalism into its students.

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