Case Scenarios

The Case Scenario Sessions held in Years 1 & 2 expose medical students to the many issues relating to professionalism and provide an open environment for discussion. During these sessions, cases are read aloud, issues are identified, and possible resolutions are outlined. Such discussion provides students with a framework in which to approach and resolve professionalism issues that may eventually arise in their own careers, both in medical school and medical practice. The small group sizes, led by a Faculty facilitator, allow all students to participate and voice their opinions.

In addition, the case scenarios for each term follow a particular theme; therefore, different aspects of professionalism are addressed in stages most pertinent to the students’ level of training. In Year 1, students focus on issues regarding peer relationships and are later introduced to CPSO (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario) Policies. In Year 2, an in depth discussion of CPSO Policies is held in the fall, followed by an examination of issues arising on hospital wards.

Practice Representative Case Scenarios

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