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3. Additional Information:

In November 2002, Roy Romanow, head of the Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada, presented a report Building on Values: The Future of Health Care in Canada.

Over 18 months, the Commission undertook exhaustive consultations involving tens of thousands of Canadians, health experts, provincial premiers and health ministers, experts and health care workers. 

The report presents 47 recommendations with time frames for implementation.  Three themes underlie the recommendations:  

  1. Strong leadership and improved governance is needed to keep Medicare a national asset. 
  2. The system needs to become more responsive and efficient as well as more accountable to Canadians. 
  3. We need to make strategic investments over the short term to address priority concerns, as well as over the long term to place the system on a more sustainable footing.

Report recommendations include:

The Commission’s report also addresses topics such as: Aboriginal health care, culturally sensitive access, the impact of globalization, and, applied research. The complete report (392 pages!) is available.

Updated September 4, 2014