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Medicine and Humanities Program at the University of Ottawa

Medicine & Humanities is a new program in the Faculty of Medicine’s undergraduate medical education (UGME) curriculum. Part of this program is integrated into the regular curriculum, as the arts and humanities contribute significantly to the many roles of the physician. This content is shown in the green part of the diagram below.

However, some students have a keen interest in exploring the arts and humanities more extensively during their UGME experiences. The Medicine & Humanities program has designed a process for students to achieve special recognition for this commitment to the arts and humanities in one of the two following ways:


Chart showing credits for the Humanities in Medicine certificate


Obtaining the hours needed for credits

The document “Obtaining Credits for Participation in the Medicine & Humanities Program” describes the full details.

The form Application for Medicine & Humanities Credits in the MD Program must be completed and submitted to the program coordinator at for approval by the Medicine & Humanities committee.

In summary, you can obtain credits in the following ways:

To obtain the certificate, you will also need to complete and present a special project that has been approved by the Medicine & Humanities committee.