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The five principles of the Canada Health Act form the cornerstone of the Canadian health care system.  The five principles are:

  1. Universality: all eligible residents are entitled to public health insurance coverage on uniform terms and conditions;

  2. Portability: coverage for insured services must be maintained when an insured person moves or travels within Canada or travels outside the country;

  3. Public administration: the health insurance plan of a province or territory must be administered on a non-profit basis by a public authority;

  4. Accessibility: reasonable access by insured persons to medically necessary hospital and physician services must not be impeded by financial or other barriers, and

  5. Comprehensiveness: all medically necessary services provided by hospitals and doctors must be insured.
    (Mnemonic = UPPAC)

Brief history of the development of the act:

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Updated March 22, 2011