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"ABCDE" of addictions
ABORIGINAL HEALTH theme page      Health & social issues among indigenous peoples      Social determinants      Healing practices     
Abortion     Canadian law on Abortion    History of Abortion in North America
Absolute Risk Reduction (statistic used in evaluating preventive interventions)
Abuse of patients;     Abuse of Elders;     Abuse of Children;     Abuse of Spouses
Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
ADDICTIONS theme page    Addictions defined     Causal factors
Advance directives
Adverse events
Agent, host and environment model of disease transmission
Air pollution and health
Age-standardized mortality rates (ASMR)
AGING theme page
Alcohol abuse     CAGE test     CAGE-AID
Alcohol consumption in Canada;    Guidelines for low risk drinking     Terms relating to alcohol consumption
Alcoholism treatments     Alcoholics Anonymous
Alcohol use in pregnancy      and FASD
Allied health professionals - a description of their roles
Allopathic medicine
Alternative medicine
Alzheimer's disease
Analysis of variance (ANOVA)
Appreciative inquiry in interviewing patients
Assisted suicide
Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) objectives for population health training
Association- measures of
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Attributable risk     Attributable fraction - alternative statistics
Autonomy (in ethics)
Ayurvedic medicine

Baby record
Bayesian estimation of post-test probabilities
Behavioral Medicine    
Behavior change:  Precontemplation (Stages of Change) model     Precede-Proceed model     Behavior Modification
   Motivational Interviewing      Health Belief Model    Health Risk Appraisal     Theory of Reasoned Action 
    Community change
Bias in measurement   in Study Designs     
Birth Rates in Canada     Changing birth rates     History of child birth practices
Blended physician payment schemes
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Breast cancer;     Screening for breast cancer
Breast feeding trends

CAGE test for alcohol
The Canada Health Act
Canadian Medical Association (CMA)      CMA Ethical Code
Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA)
Canadian mortality trends
Canadian population statistics
Cancer statistics in Canada         Animal metaphor
Capitation payment system
Cardiovascular disease
Case-control studies
Case fatality
Case series studies
Causal criteria      Cause, defined        Non-specific causes
Census for Ottawa & Eastern Ontario
Central tendency measures
Cesarean section rates in Canada
Champlain LHIN
Charter for Health Promotion
"Cheat Sheets" for basic Epidemiology methods       "Smart Card" summary of definitions
Child abuse
Child Birth: historical milestones
Child development: stages of development by age       Rourke Baby Record
CHILD HEALTH theme page
Child poverty
Chi square  statistical test
Choosing a medical specialty
CLEO and C2LEO Objectives
Clinical trials
Cochrane collaboration  for reviewing clinical trials
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Cognitive biases that may lead to medical errors
Cohort studies
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
Communicating with patients:    With deaf people      Motivational interviewing    Appreciative Inquiry, or strength-based approach     Anti-oppressive approach       Communicating across Cultures        Communicating about medical errors
Community care      Accessing community care
Community Health Centres (CHCs)    
Community Service Learning
COMPLEMENTARY & alternative medicine theme page
Confidence Intervals
Confidentiality (in ethics)
Consent to medical treatment
Contact tracing
Co-payments for physician services
Coping with stress
Correlation  coefficient
Costs of health care:      costs due to smoking      Cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness, cost-utility analyses
COSA program for sexual offenders
Crib deaths
Criteria for causality
Critical appraisal of the literature
Crude death rate
Cultural competency    Definition of     Cross-cultural Communication
CULTURE and HEALTH theme page    Cultural awareness     Types of Culture     Cultural safety     Culture and end-of-life care
Cycle of addictions and trauma
Cystic Fibrosis

Disability-Adjusted Life Years lost (DALYs)    International comparison of DALYs
DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)
D.A.R.E.S. motivational interviewing
DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension)
Decision aids for patients
Definitions     of health    of  Epidemiological terms    of Mortality terms     of Disability terms
Demographics of Canada     Demographic transition
Dental health & disease      Periodontal disease      DMF
Dependency ratio
Depression   Post partum depression    Depression in the elderly
Determinant, defined
Determinants of health      Conceptual models of health determinants      Demography
Diagnostic test calculation spreadsheet (based on tutorial session)
Diarrhoeal diseases
Dictionary of Latin and Greek medical terms
DISABILITY theme page      Prevalence of disability in Canada      Squaring the survival curve     Performance vs. Capacity    Attitudes toward disability
Disease control–success stories;    Disease surveillance      Controlling infectious disease
DMF (decayed, missing, or filled teeth)
Domestic violence:      Child abuse      Elder abuse      Clinical response
DOTS in TB control
Drug abuse     Prescription drugs     Marijuana     Cocaine     Portuguese experiment on drug policy     Party drugs

Economics      Basic concepts in health economics         Health care costs due to smoking
Edinburgh declaration on medical education
Educational level and health
Effectiveness, efficacy and efficiency (definitions)
Elder abuse      Domestic violence
Emerging infections
Endocrine system & disease
End-of-Life care  Decisions over withdrawing life support: the case of Mr. Golubchuk     Living wills
ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH theme page       Environmental health      History taking
Epidemic, defined      Epidemic curves
EPIDEMIOLOGYtheme page     Epidemiology Cheat Sheets (statistics, research design & measurements)    "Smart Card"
The Epidemiologic transition  (from infectious disease towards non-communicable diseases)
Epidemiologic triad (in spread of infectious disease)
ETHICS theme page     Ethics core concepts       Philosophical basis for medical ethics      Ethics and the Law
Evaluation research methods
Exam Preparation:      Foundations      Unit 2      LMCC
Exercise      Exercise counselling
Exposure - measures of effect of an exposure

Falls in the elderly
Families in Canada
Family Health Networks
Family Medicine
Family violence     Child abuse    Elder abuse    Clinical response
Fee for service payment system
Female Genital Mutilation
First Nations health
Five A's approach to physician counselling
Fluoride in water supply
Food security    Nutrition    Obesity
The Four C's of addictions
Frailty defined      Frailty in aging

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender health: a resource list
GENDER AND HEALTH theme page     Gay marriages in Canada
Gender differences in health     Gender: the meaning of the term
Generational differences
Genetics      in Diabetes      in Hemochromatosis
Geriatrics      Geriatric Assessment Programmes
Gerontology: 12 principles
GLOBAL HEALTH theme page     Globalization      Globalization and Health      Travel medicine
Glycemic index
The sad story of Samuel Golubchuk
Greek medical terms
Grief & stages of grieving      Grief counselling

Haddon matrix
Harm reduction
Healing touch
Health-Adjusted Life Years (HALYs)
Health behavior (see Behavior change)
Health Belief Model
Health definitions
Health economics     
Health measurement scales
Health professionals and their roles
Health promotion      Health protection
Health Risk Appraisal
Hearing loss
The Hierarchy of Scientific Evidence in critical appraisal of the literature
High risk versus population approach
Historical milestones in population health     History of health care policies in Canada     Historical milestones in public health      History of smallpox vaccination
History taking:      Occupational exposures      Environmental exposures    Adverse vaccine reactions      Addictions      Suicide risk     
HIV/AIDS    HIV in Canada   International trends in HIV   HIV in Africa     
Home care services      Referring a patient for home care services
Homelessness in Canada    Homeless shelters
Homeopathic medicine
Hospitals – organization & funding
HUMANITIES in Medicine     Certificate in Humanities in Medicine     Index of Humanities content in CBLs
Hypertension    Dietary prevention of
Hypothesis testing (statistical approach to)

IADL (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living)
Iatrogenic Disease
Immunization       Immunization requirements for children   in Developing countries      Risk of adverse events
Immigrant health
Impact of medicine on disease patterns    Statistics for measuring the impact of a risk factor
Impairment, disability and handicap
Incidence, defined
INDIGENOUS HEALTHtheme page      Health & social issues among indigenous peoples      Social determinants      Healing practices     
Infant mortality rate (IMR): trends in Canada
Infectious diseases     Historical overview       New infectious diseases     Stages in the spread of an infection     Modes of transmission    Virulence    Infection control      Contact tracing
Inferential statistics
Impact of medicine on ID decline    Terms describing progression of an infection
Informed consent
Injuries in Canada   Child injuries   Preventing injuries (the Haddon matrix)     Injury prevention – Source-Path-Receiver model
Institutional care in Canada
Integrative medicine
Interdisciplinary health team - description of roles of team members
Intention to treat analysis
International Classification of Function
INTERNATIONAL HEALTH       Health of migrants
Interprofessional Education curriculum (IPE)
Inuit groups

Jehovah's Witnesses
Edward Jenner

Latin and Greek medical terms
Law on abortion in Canada
Lead in gasoline: a saga of politics, economics and prevention
Learning objectives (see Objectives)
Legal terms
Legislation against tobacco
Life expectancy
Life support: the case of Mr. Golubchuk
Life tables
Likelihood ratios       Calculator
Liverpool end-of-life care pathway
Living wills
Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs)
Low-risk drinking guidelines

MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying)
Marijuana in Canada
Massage therapy
MATERNAL and CHILD HEALTH (MCH) theme page        Maternal mortality
MD practice settings and payment schemes
Mean, defined
Measurement scales   Health measurement;     QALYs;    DALYs;     PYLL;     Measurement error
Median, defined
Medical Assistance in Dying
Medical Council of Canada: exam objectives for LMCC
Medical error
Medical model of health
Medicinal plants
Medicine wheel
MENTAL HEALTH theme page     Mental health policy    Mental health act in Ontario
Métis health
Migrant health
Millennium Development Goals
Models of Medicine:    Allopathy       Osler vs. Garrod
Mortality: definitions of rates
Mortality trends in Canada    Leading causes of mortality in Canada
Motivational interviewing
Motor vehicle collisions
Mourning and grieving
Multiple choice questions (self-test)
Multiple Sclerosis: prevalence and etiology

Natural history of disease
Notes on statistics
Notifiable (reportable) diseases      List of reportable conditions   
Number needed to treat (NNT)
NUTRITION theme page     Nutrition counselling     Nutritional deficiencies      Food security
     Diet for hypertension     Food insecurity and obesity   

Obesity:    Prevalence trends        Definitions & Measurements of obesity     Counselling for obesity     Exercise & body weight
Objectives: Association of Faculties of Medicine ( AFMC);    Medical Council of Canada (MCC)   Committee on Medical Education (LCME)
Occupational asthma    Occupations at high risk of asthma
Occupational Therapist
Odds Ratios, defined
Ontario Medical Association      Ontario Mental Health Act
Ordinal scale
Osler vs. Garrod: rival models of medicine
Ottawa: Census results
Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion
Outbreak, defined       Types of outbreak     Outbreak control

PALLIATIVE & END-of-LIFEcare theme page     Definitions     The 'Liverpool Pathway'
Pandemics, defined     Pandemic stages
Parasites and the diseases they cause
Patient communication:    With deaf people      Motivational interviewing    Appreciative Inquiry   Strength-based approach   Anti-oppressive approach    Communicating across Cultures    
PATIENT SAFETY theme page     Patient safety: the physician as victim    Measures to enhance patient safety
Perinatal health in Ontario     Perinatal mortality, defined
Personality and health     Personality types     Personality disorders
Physical activity     Counselling for physical activity         PA & body weight
Physicians in Canada         Humour: Choosing your Specialty
The meaning of "Physician"  
Physician payment schemes 
Physician Roles
Physician Stress
PICO in posing clinical questions
Ponderal Index
POPULATION HEALTH theme page       History of population health      Population Health Promotion     Conceptual models     Measuring population health
Population statistics
Population Attributable Risk (PAR)
Post partum depression
Poverty in the USA      Child poverty
Power in study designs
Power of Attorney
Precede-Proceed model of health behaviour change
Precontemplation (Stages of Change) model of health behaviour
Predictive values (PPV, NPV)
Pregnancy: alcohol use      Pregnancy among teenagers
Prescription drug abuse
Prevalence, defined.      Prevalence and Positive Predictive Value of a test
Prevention theme page     Prevention: stages of;     Routine prevention in primary care    Task Force on Prevention     
    Effectiveness of prevention     Impact on infectious disease decline
Primary care settings in Canada
Primary prevention
Professionalism     What is a Profession?
Protein-energy malnutrition (PEM)
Psychosomatic medicine
Public health pioneers     Dr. Alan Brown
PUBLIC HEALTH theme page     Public health defined     Public health in Canada;    Public health responsibilities
PYLL: Potential Years of Life Lost

Quality-Adjusted Life Years (QALYs)
Quality of health care - criteria for judging
Quality of Life
Quasi-Experimental studies

Radiation exposure
Randomized Trial(RCT)
Range of data, defined     Interquartile range
Rank order correlation
Rates, ratios & proportions defined
Rational prescribing
RCT (randomized trial)
Rectangularization of the mortality curve
Refugee health
Registered Nurse
Regression analysis
Rehabilitation:    Definitions of    Alcoholics Anonymous      Sexual offenders
Relative risk, defined.    Attributable risk       Relative Risk Reduction (RRR)       Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR)
Reliability of measurements
Religion and health
    List of reportable conditions    
Research designs   Clinical trials(RCTs)       Research ethics
Risk factor, defined
Romanow Commission
Rourke Baby Record
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Scales of measurement
Screening programs     Criteria for judging screening programs     Accuracy of screening tests     Ethical issues in prenatal Screening
Screening for   occupational exposures     Adverse vaccine reactions     Alcohol addiction     Suicide risk
Self-test questions:      Foundations       Unit II      LMCC
Ignaz Semmelweis
Sensitivity and Specificity     Effect of changing the cutting point     Prevalence, sensitivity & predictive values     Calculator
SES and health
SEXUALITY theme page
Sexual behaviour among teenagers
Sexual offenders: rehabilitation program
Sexualy transmitted infections (STIs)    Incidence rates in Ottawa
Significance testing
    in history
"Smart Card" - summary of basic definitions in clinical epidemiology.
SMOKING theme page     Smoking and health   Smoking rates in Canada   Smoking and cancer    
Smoking during pregnancy     Smoking cessation     DSM criteria
Legislation on smoking   Smoking trends among young people
Richard Doll
and the epidemiology of lung disease
Social determinants of health      Among Indigenous peoples
Social Workers
Socioeconomic status and health       Education and health
Source - Path - Receiver model of occupational health hazard reduction
Specialty choices for physicians (a little humour)
Spousal assault
Spread of infectious disease
Squaring the suirvival curve
Stages of change model for health behaviors      Stages of community change
Stages of infant development
Stages of prevention      Prevention stages applied to road traffic injuries
Standard deviation, defined
Standard drink (alcohol page)
Standard error of the mean, defined
Standardization (in comparing disease rates)      Standardized mortality ratio (SMR)
Statistics    Statistical tests    Confounding    Epidemiology methods    Research designs    Statistical significance;     Statistical Power
Statistics Notes  (brief overview of definitions)
Strength-based approach to interviewing patients
Stress     Stress and disease     Stress among physicians
STUDY DESIGNS theme page       Overview of Study designs;     Statistical power of studies
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
Substance Use Disorders     DSM criteria for
Suicide in Canada     Assisted suicide    Assessing risk of suicide
Surveillance of diseases  
Survival curves       Survival curves-changing patterns over time
Survival analysis
Susceptibility and Genetics       the example of hemachromatosis       Diabetes and the Thrifty Gene hypothesis
Systematic reviews

Task Force on the Periodic Health Exam
Tertiary prevention
Theory of Reasoned Action
Therapeutic touch
Transgender patients
Travel medicine  
t-test, defined
Transtheoretical model of behavior change (TTM)
Tuberculosis    World patterns of TB;     Historical decline in TB    TB control and the DOTS program;     TB among Aboriginal communities     TB in an airline passenger
Twelve Steps of Alcoholocs Anonymous   
Type I and type II errors

United Nations     Millennium Development Goals

Validity   in study designs     of measurements      External and internal
Variance, statistical
VIOLENCE & HEALTH theme page;     toward Spouses     Elders     Children
Vital statistics & Demographics for Canada

Waist circumference as a measure of obesity
War as a public health hazard
Water quality
Withdrawal of life support
Work stress model
World Health Organization     Millennium Development Goals

Year-Equivalents of Reduced Function (YERF)