Jason MacLaurin


Laboratory Manager / Sr. Res. Tech



Adobe Photoshop Workshop Handout

Quickly refresh your memory about the basics of Photoshop CS2

Cheat Sheet

Easy to follow reference guide for commonly used functions in Photoshop

Enhance Scientific and Medical Images

Instructions on how to enhance the detail in any image in Photoshop

Matching Colors

Imaging corrections (matching colors) amongst several images

Making TIFF Files from Drawing, Word Processing, Powerpoint and Graphing Programs

Provides a guide on how to make high resolution TIFF files from commonly used programs such as Powerpoint and Excel


What is resolution?

RGB to CMYK Format

Converting images in RGB format to CMYK for publication

Adobe Photoshop CS2 in Scientific and Medical Imaging

Optimum strategies for Using Adobe Photoshop CS2 in Scientific and Medical Imaging

Image Stitching


Stitch several images together using Photoshop

Koehler Illumination

 A "How-to-guide" on setting up Koehler Illumination on Zeiss Microscopes




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