ER Trauma Imaging Division
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Barbara Wilson
The Ottawa Hospital
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ER Trauma Imaging Division

The primary general educational objective of the Division of Emergency Radiology is to educate diagnostic radiology residents and emergency radiology fellows on the radiological evaluation of the traumatized and acutely ill patient. Though many protocols used for routine outpatient exams are similar to those employed in Emergency Radiology, there are variations on protocols that prove useful in the Emergency Department patient population. Additionally, there are unique referral patterns and triage concerns that deserve special consideration when coordinating the imaging of these patients. Specific objectives include:

  1. Learn basic and tailored CT protocols for the most common pathologic entities seen in emergency radiology (e.g. appendicitis, diverticulitis). Learned advanced CT imaging protocols unique to emergency radiology (e.g. CT cystography for traumatic bladder rupture).

  2. Acquire advanced skills in the imaging and management of acutely ill and traumatized patients.

  3. Learn and/or refine ultrasound skills in the assessment for cholecystitis and biliary disease, testicular torsion and epididymo-orchitis, lower and upper extremity vascular ultrasound for clot evaluation, assessment for fluid in the setting of trauma, paracentesis, thoracentesis and ruptured AAA.

  4. Develop skills for critically reviewing and providing instruction to residents. Participate in the education of residents and medical students.

Dr. Adnan Sheikh, MD
ER/Trauma - Section Head & Fellowship Program Director
Assistant Professor, Radiology
Department of Diagnostic Radiology
The Ottawa Hospital - General Campus

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