Medical Physicists (Radiation Oncology)

Brenda G. Clark
Brenda G. Clark, Ph.D., FCCPM, FAAPM
Department Head
David E. Wilkins
David E. Wilkins, Ph.D., FCCPM
Radiation Safety Officer

Senior Physicists

Joanna E. Cygler
Joanna E. Cygler, Ph.D., FCCPM, FAAPM
Lee H. Gerig
Lee H. Gerig, Ph.D., FCCPM
Janos Szanto
Janos Szanto, Ph.D., FCCPM


Crystal Angers
Crystal Angers, M.Sc., MCCPM - Lead
Jason Bélec, M.Sc., MCCPM
Jason Bélec, M.Sc., MCCPM
Lesley Buckley
Lesley Buckley, Ph.D.,  MCCPM
Elizabeth Henderson
Elizabeth Henderson, Ph.D., MCCPM - Lead
Chun-Bun Kwok
Chun-Bun Kwok, Ph.D., MCCPM
Katie Lekx-Toniolo
Katie Lekx-Toniolo, Ph.D.
Gosia Niedbala
Gosia Niedbala, Ph.D.,  MCCPM
Balazs Nyiri, Ph.D., MCCPM
Balazs Nyiri, Ph.D., MCCPM
Nicolas Ploquin, Ph.D.
Nicolas Ploquin, Ph.D.
Ryan Studinski
Ryan Studinski, Ph.D., MCCPM
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