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Project Title: Systematic meta-analyses and field synopsis of genetic association studies in colorectal cancer

Investigators: Montazeri Z, Little J, Campbell H, et al.
Lay Summary: A comprehensive systematic review and meta-analyses of published and unpublished studies are conducted to identify the relationships of genetic variants with colorectal cancer.  The results of field synopsis and meta-analyses are publicly available on a regularly updated internet database,
After screening 10,145 titles and abstracts on genetic association studies on colorectal cancer, 635 publications reporting on 445 polymorphisms in 110 different genes are identified. Furthermore, unpublished data from the SOCCS and Ontario GWAS were included in this analysis.  Meta-analyses are carried out to derive summary effect estimates for 92 polymorphisms in 64 different genes. After applying Venice criteria and Baysian False Discovery Probability (BFDP), 16 variants in 11 genes (8q24 locus, SMAD7, MUTYH, MTHFR, and 8q23.3, 11q23.1, 14q22.2, 1q41, 20p12.3, 20q13.3, 3q26.2, 16q22.1, 19q13.1 loci) represent the most highly credible findings and 22 variants of 21 genes are identified as less credible associations.


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