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Human Genome Epidemiology

HuGENet Canada Coordinating Centre

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The HuGENet™ HUGE Review Handbook v1.0 is available HERE

Human Genome Epidemiology Network, or HuGENet™, is a global collaboration of individuals and organizations committed to the assessment of the impact of human genome variation on population health and how genetic information can be used to improve health and prevent disease.

GeneSens serves as the Canadian Coordinating Centre for HuGENet. It supplements the US base at the Office of Genomics and Disease Prevention, CDC, Atlanta. GeneSens a CIHR Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement Team specializing in genetics and health services research. GeneSens is based at the University of Ottawa

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HugeNet Canada Activities

  • Undertaking and promoting systematic reviews in human genome epidemiology

  • Methodological research in meta-analysis, systematic reviews and technology appraisal

  • Training and development of guidance for systematic reviews

  • Hosting meetings and workshop


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