Elective Rotations: Inpatient Evaluation Unit

Elective Rotations: Inpatient Evaluation Unit


Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre

Brief Description of Rotation

The Resident will primarily work on an Inpatient Unit, evaluating patients with unclear/challenging diagnoses. Experience will be provided in the assessment of such patients in a comprehensive fashion. The appropriate use of individual interviews, family interviews, psychological testing, neuropsychological testing, and ward observation will be emphasized. The opportunity will be provided to act as both a multidisciplinary team leader and participant. It is also expected that the Resident will pick up three to four patients with classic chronic psychiatric diagnoses to follow for the duration of the rotation. There is also the opportunity to follow longer term chronic patients currently residing at Edgewood Residence in conjunction with the Nurse Practitioner.


Principal Supervisor: C. Ripley, MD, FRCPC

Description of Supervision

The Resident will meet with the Supervisor on a daily basis to review the ongoing progress of the patients. There will also be the opportunity and expectation to conduct individual supervised interviews.


As per the terminal cognitive, skill and attitudinal objectives of the Resident Training Objectives of the University of Ottawa, Department of Psychiatry and distributed yearly to Residents in the Orientation Package.

Expectations and Opportunities


  1. Expectation to comprehensively evaluate patients with a variety of psychiatric diagnoses with emphasis on the ability to assess for comorbidities.

  2. Expectation to be comfortable prescribing the majority of commonly used psychiatric medications.

  3. Expectation to develop the ability to comprehensively use appropriate diagnostic testing.

  4. Expectation to develop a comprehensive understanding of the patient, including psychosocial factors affecting the person and illness.

  5. Expectation to develop an ability to lead a multidisciplinary team.


  1. Opportunity to teach Elective Students when possible both from the University of Ottawa and other Institutions

  2. Opportunities to participate in the various rounds at the hospital.

  3. The expectation to provide at least one in-service teaching session on the unit during the rotation.


  1. Opportunity to conduct clinical research on individual chosen topics.

  2. Opportunities to participate in the development and refinement of evaluation tools for patient diagnoses.

Work Structure

The Resident is expected to function at a level appropriate with level of training. Responsibilities for patient care are delegated as appropriate to clinical abilities, with the expectation that this progresses through the rotation. Attendance at educational opportunities such as grand rounds, special rounds, journal club, etc., is encouraged and expected.

General Information

Residency Level: PGY-2 to PGY-4

Rotation Length: Three to Six Months (Six Months preferred)

Number of Residents: One

Suitable for Half-Time: No

RCPSC Core Rotation: Yes

For More Information, Please Contact:

Debbie Hall, Postgraduate Coordinator
The Ottawa Hospital (General Campus), 501 Smyth Road, Ottawa, ON, K1H 8L6
Phone: 613-737-8955
Email: dehall@toh.ca

All visiting elective residents must comply with the University of Ottawa policies and timelines.

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