Elective Rotations: Day Treatment Program

Elective Rotation: Day Treatment Program


Department of Psychiatry, The Ottawa Hospital - Civic Campus

Brief Description of Rotation

The Resident will work as a member of a multidisciplinary treatment team in a hospital-based day treatment program for personality disorders. This is combined with a separate opportunity to treat 8-10 outpatients with schizophrenia, mood disorder or personality disorder.


Principal Supervisor: David McBride, MD FRCP (C)

Description of Supervision

The Resident will meet with the supervisor individually for 3 hours per week, and with the multidisciplinary team 4 hours per week. The primary supervisor will focus on cognitive/behavioral therapy, appropriate pharmacotherapy, and appropriate interactions with other mental health professionals. The Resident will meet one hour per week with an approved long-term psychotherapy supervisor as per University Department guidelines.


  1. The Resident will develop skills in group therapy with patients who have personality disorders, and who have functional impairment resulting in frequent or lengthy hospitalization.

  2. The Resident will develop liaison skills with community agencies that provide support to individuals with psychiatric illnesses and personality disorders.

  3. The Resident will develop skills in planning and carrying out psychiatric rehabilitation in a Day Treatment Program mode and multidisciplinary setting.

  4. The Resident will become competent with the application of the Mental Health Act with regards to safety, certification, consent to treatment and financial competency.

  5. The Resident will become competent in the management of outpatients with chronic illnesses, including developing an understanding of issues related to client satisfaction and compliance, prognosis including morbidity and mortality, functional ability, transference and countertransference issues, and continuums of care.

Expectations and Opportunities


Opportunity to achieve an understanding of the causative factors involved with, and characteristics of a variety of personality disorders. Comorbid states, appropriate drug therapies, and the benefit of group-based cognitive-behavioral interventions will be learned. Through multidisciplinary exposure, the importance of liaison with the work environment, community resources, family members, and members of the legal profession will be learned. The Resident will treat approximately 16 patients in this venue. The opportunity to learn appropriate drug therapy and use of community resources, psychotherapy, and the multidisciplinary resources of an Ambulatory Care setting will be available through managing 8-10 patients.


Opportunity to teach multidisciplinary team members, patients, community service representatives, PGY-1's, medical students and other mental health clinicians. Opportunity and expectation to present at Journal Club, Case Study Rounds and Departmental Grand Rounds.


Opportunity to participate in ongoing research focusing on outcome evaluation of the Day Treatment Program along 6 to 8 scales.

Work Structure

The Resident is both a member of a multi-disciplinary team and a therapist engaging in group and individual psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, rehabilitation and community development. The Resident will also participate in all Civic Campus intramural teaching such as Case Study Rounds, Interview Skills Seminars, Grand Rounds and Journal Club.

General Information

Residency Level: PGY-2 to PGY-4 Residents. More senior Residents would participate to a greater extent in community-liaison and advocacy roles.

Rotation Length: Six Months (core rotation), possible range Three Months - Twelve Months. Suitable for half-time possibility.

Number of Residents: One

RCPSC Core Rotation: No, but can be part of a core outpatient rotation or as an elective.

For More Information, Please Contact:

Debbie Hall, Postgraduate Coordinator
The Ottawa Hospital (General Campus), 501 Smyth Road, Ottawa, ON, K1H 8L6
Phone: 613-737-8955
Email: dehall@toh.ca

All visiting elective residents must comply with the University of Ottawa policies and timelines.

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