Postgraduate Education

Residency Training Program

The Department of Psychiatry is deeply involved in the education of medical students at the University of Ottawa, through both didactic learning such as the Year 2, Unit 3 Psychiatry Block, as well as through various clinical rotations. In addition, Faculty members from the Department of Psychiatry participate in other teaching activities such as cased based learning and are involved in the mentorship program.

During 3rd year clerkship, students spend four weeks of their six-week rotation in an adult psychiatry setting at either the General or Civic campus of the Ottawa Hospital, the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, L'Hôpital Montfort, or Le Centre Hospitalier Pierre-Janet. They also have a 1-week experience in each of Child Psychiatry and Geriatric Psychiatry. As well, students can choose to complete their adult psychiatry rotation at one of our established DME sites or in a rural setting.

Throughout the 6 weeks, students work on call with residents and staff at the Ottawa Hospital to gain experience in managing patients with psychiatric emergencies. Finally, students can review the assessment, diagnosis and management of patients with major psychiatric disorders from across the life span by attending half day teaching sessions each week.

For more information on undergraduate psychiatry, please contact Carmen Lefebvre in the Undergraduate Education Office, Department of Psychiatry at 613-722-6521 Ext: 6811