Mental Health Matters Updates from your Department. No. 11 October 2015

Mental Health Matters - Issue No. 11: October 2015

Mental Health Matters - Updates from your Department provides monthly updates on members' activities, while highlighting the successes and achievements of the Department of Psychiatry and its members.


The Department of Psychiatry's 2014-2015 Annual Report is now available. Adobe PDF (15 MB)

The Sexual Behaviours Clinic of the Integrated Forensic Program awarded the American Psychiatric Association's 2015 Gold Achievement Award

Drs. Simon Davidson and Mario Cappelli help co-author a comprehensive report on youth transition to adult mental health services on behalf of the Mental Health Commission of Canada


2015 Resident Scholar Half Day held on October 7th Adobe PDF (528 KB)

Dr. George Tasca's PPRNet Blog – October Update

Education & Events

Schedule: Upcoming University Rounds with Drs. Georg Northoff and Azaad Kassam

The Royal's 5th Annual Conference on Women's Mental Health to be held November 6th Adobe PDF (416 KB)

Register now: Drs. Melanie Willows and Kim Corace to present "Alcohol: How much is too much?" at next Conversations at The Royal on November 19th

Save the Date: "Community Psychiatry: What Does That Have to Do with Me?" – Departmental Annual Retreat to be held November 19th Adobe PDF (15 KB)

Register now: The University of Ottawa and the Department of Psychiatry's Continuing Medical Education Office presenting a new course on "Neurology for Psychiatrists" November 20th

Winter/Spring 2015-2016 Calendar of Upcoming Professional Education Seminars, Workshops, and Conferences at The Royal Ottawa Hospital now available. Adobe PDF (359 KB)

In the News

The Associates in Psychiatry donate $1 million to the Royal Ottawa Hospital's Campaign for Mental Health

Dr. Alain Labelle discusses the Associates in Psychiatry's $1 million donation on CTV

Drs. Pierre Blier and Kim Corace discuss connecting research to care

Dr. Georg Northoff discusses mental health research in Ottawa on CFRA

Dr. Jasmine Ghandi discusses post-partum depression on CTV

Recent Appointments

Dr. Eric Mikhail (in process) – Lecturer – The Ottawa Hospital

Dr. Drew Kingston (in process) – Cross-Appointment – Brockville Mental Health Centre

Dr. Katherine Allen (in process) – Lecturer – Montfort Hospital

Dr. Sephora Tang (in process) – Lecturer – The Ottawa Hospital

Dr. Shaimaa Abo-El Ella (in process) – Assistant Professor – The Ottawa Hospital