Department of Psychiatry Chair - Dr. Katharine Gillis

Department of Psychiatry Chair

Message from Dr. Katharine Gillis - Chair, Department of Psychiatry

It is a true pleasure for me to serve as the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry, University of Ottawa. I am excited to be in my second term as of June 2014, following a successful external review done in the Fall of 2013. As you will see from the data presented in this annual report, we have had a very productive 2013-14 academic year. As with our previous reports our data is presented in the score card format of the University of Ottawa’s Destination 20/20 four pillars:

  1. A Rich, Inspiring Student Experience
  2. Research Excellence
  3. Bilingualism and Francophonie
  4. Encouraging and Developing International Leadership

Destination 20/20 fits well with the goals and values that we have identified in our Department’s Strategic Plan 2014-17 document, which was collaboratively completed this year. This strategic plan will guide our academic focus and development in the upcoming years with the major strategic focus being the enhancement our Department’s research initiatives, in particular with the University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute (uOBMRI).

Our Department Executive Committee plays a vital role in the facilitation of our academic mission and is composed of our Departmental education, research, academic and clinical leaders. Dr. Cathy Shea, who retired from our Department this past year, will be greatly missed, as she made outstanding contributions to this committee and to our Department in her role as Division Head of Geriatric Psychiatry from 2009-2013. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Andrew Wiens as the new Division Head for Geriatric Psychiatry effective 2014.

As you will see in this report we have had many things to celebrate in this past year. I wish to thank our dedicated department administrative staff for all their support and all of our department faculty members, residents and fellows who have worked so hard to accomplish these achievements.

Past Department Chairs:

  • Dr. Jacques Bradwejn
  • Dr. Yvon Lapierre