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Wound Evaluation
Wound Treatment
Specific Lacerations
Special Situations

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In preparation for the EM Procedures Lab, please review at least sections A- C.
The material on this web site is meant to complement the EM Procedures Lab. During the lab, use the step by step approach below to guide you through the suturing practice. A tutor will be available to demonstrate suturing and help.

  1. Wound Evaluation

    • General considerations
    • Assessment of function and the importance of wound exploration
    • Extensor tendon injuries of fingers
    • Flexor tendon injuries of fingers
    • Digital nerve injuries
    • Vascular injuries

  2. Medications in Wound Care

    • Local anaesthetics
    • Tetanus prophylaxis
    • Indications for antibiotics

  3. Wound Treatment

    • Haemostasis
    • Wound cleansing, Irrigation
    • Conservative debridement
    • Local anaesthetics – see also Medications
    • Wound closure - Choice of suture material
    • Wound closure - Suturing techniques
      Illustrated step-by-step approach to simple suturing with explanation
      of surgical instruments link
      • Includes Universal Precautions

    • Wound closure - Skin adhesives
      • Illustrated step-by-step approach with explanation

    • Wound dressings
    • Follow-up

  4. Specific lacerations and their repair

    1. Lip lacerations
    2. Intraoral lacerations
    3. Through-and-through facial
    4. Ear lacerations
    5. Eyelid lacerations
    6. Nailbed injuries

  5. Special Situations in Wound Care

    • Foreign bodies
      1. Accidental tattoo
      2. Puncture wounds, lacerations

    • Mammalian bites
    • Rabies

References, Other Learning Resources and Links – Wound Care

Patient Care Handout – Wound Care / Tetanus Immunization
Example of patient care handout for sutured or glued wounds and tetanus vaccine information

Handheld – Quick Guide to Wound Care - in development
Summary of this web site including choice of suture types, anesthetics, cleansing, suture choice and tetanus prophylaxis

Self – Quiz – Wound Care - in development


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