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common eye disorders clinical techniques
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eyelid eversion The safest method is a careful irrigation of the eye with a stream of sterile saline, directed from the sclera over the cornea.
foreign body removal

It is important to evert the lids and irrigate both superior and inferior fornices.

Foreign bodies under the lid or on the sclera may be wiped away by a cotton-tipped applicator. Wetting the applicator will often enhance its effectiveness.

Sweeping the palpebral conjunctiva will often relieve the symptoms even if the foreign body is not directly seen.

A corneal foreign body that is not deeply penetrating the cornea can be removed in the emergency room in a cooperative patient.

Always check patient's TETANUS immunization status.

If the foreign body is iron-based, follow up is needed because of propensity to form a RUST RING.

Foreign Body Removal Techniques