Procedural Steps
Patient Positioning
Site Preparation
Local Anesthesia
Needle Insertion
Collection of CSF
Removal of Needle
Post-procedural Care
Interpretation of Results
CSF Pressure

LP Pressure Quick Guide

A manometer equipped with a 3 way stop cock can be attached to the hub of the LP needle after the needle is corrected inserted. An assistant should ensure that the patient is relaxed as possible. Extend the patient's leg gently and return the neck to a neutral position with the head supported with a pillow.

The CSF is then measured by recording the height of CSF in the manometer tube.

CSF pressures over 200 mm. H2O are likely abnormal but pressures in the range of 200-250 mm. H2O are in a "grey zone". CSF pressures can elevate by up to 50 mm. if the patient is anxious or holds their breath.

If the pressure is very high (>250 mm. H2O), insert the stylet and remove the needle without taking any CSF. Use the CSF already in the manometer for analysis.


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