Help in playing audio, video or animations files

The student laptop is properly configured to view videos and animations unless the configuration has been changed over time.

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If you are having any problems viewing the videos, see the Help section. If problems persist, please contact Medtech at for assistance.

These procedure sites contain many small videos and some animations. Problems occasionally occur in playing these videos and animations over the Internet. Your computer must have certain plug-ins installed to play the many video file formats available.

Windows Media Files are a type of file format for audio and/or video over the Internet. The Windows Media Player must be on your computer and is usually part of the “Windows” package.

Windows Media Player is available without cost from Microsoft at

Quicktime is another audio and/or video file format from Apple Computer. THe basic version is available without cost at

Real Player is also an audio and/or video file format. The Basic RealPlayer is available without cost from the RealMedia website at

Some of the animations are done in a software program called Flash made by Macromedia. These animation file types require the Flash Player available without cost at

Medical students of the University of Ottawa that are experiencing problems with playing audio or video on their laptop computers should reinstall the correct player from the list above. Contact Medtech for help if the problem persists.

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