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Nasogastric tube insertion
EM Procedures Lab
Urinary catheter insertion
EM Procedures Lab
Intravenous catheter insertion and phlebotomy
EM Procedures Lab
Slit lamp use
During clinical shifts

Lumbar puncture
EM Procedures Lab

Wound care and suturing
EM Procedures Lab
Casting and splinting
EM Procedures Lab

All students will place a short arm cast and wrist splint on a fellow student during the procedures lab.

Arterial Blood Gas Puncture
In the emergency department, the respiratory technicians will be pleased to help you with arterial punctures for arterial blood gas analysis (ABG) samples.

Suturing materials for the Procedures Lab are generously supplied by Ethicon Inc. / Johnson and Johnson Inc. http://www.ethicon.com

Casting materials for the Casting Workshops are generously supplied by Smith and Nephew Inc. http://www.smith-nephew.com

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