Practice-Based Psychotherapy Research
To Improve The Wellbeing Of Our Community

Working Group

Giorgio Tasca
Giorgio Tasca is the Research Chair in Psychotherapy Research at University of Ottawa (U of O) and The Ottawa Hospital (TOH). He has been the principal investigator (PI) of Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) funded psychotherapy research, and has published psychotherapy practice-oriented reviews.
Louise Balfour
Louise Balfour is a psychologist (TOH, U of O) who has received CIHR funding as PI to implement psychological interventions for changing health behaviours and coping with depression.
Benjamin Fortin-Langelier
Benjamin Fortin-Langelieris a resident in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Ottawa with an interest in education and psychotherapy development.
Kylie Francis
Kylie Francis is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Eating Disorders Program at The Ottawa Hospital, and a psychologist (supervised practice) in private practice.
Jasmine Gandhi
Jasmine Gandhi coordinates interpersonal psychotherapy training in Psychiatry at U of O and is the Head of the perinatal mental health program at TOH.
Linda Huehn
Linda Huehn is a psychiatrist who maintains a community-based psychotherapy practice in Ottawa, and is involved in psychotherapy supervision of psychiatry residents.
John Hunsley
John Hunsley is Director of Clinical Psychology, School of Psychology at U of O and recently was the Editor of the journal Canadian Psychology. He has published numerous articles on evidence-based practice in psychotherapy, and has conducted large scale surveys of clinicians and their psychotherapy practices.!uottawa/members/785.
Anthony Joyce
Anthony Joyce is an active psychotherapy researcher in the Department of Psychiatry at University of Alberta. He has published numerous articles and books on group and individual psychotherapy.
Jackie Kinley
Jackie Kinley is a psychiatrist and Head of the mental health day program at QE II Health Sciences Centre in Halifax, and is a highly sought after psychotherapy supervisor.
Diana Koszycki
Diana Koszycki is a professor in the Educational Counselling Program at U of O, and the University of Ottawa-Institut de Recherche de l'Hôpital Monfort Research Chair in Mental Health.
Molyn Leszcz
Molyn Leszcz is Psychiatrist in Chief at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, co-author of one of the most influential books on group psychotherapy, and will be instrumental in future expansion of the PPRNet to Toronto.
Vanessa Lybanon-Daigle
Vanessa Lybanon-Daigle is the Research Program Manager at KT Canada, a network comprised of 50 diverse scientists with an interest in pursuing knowledge translation (KT) research. She will help to develop and evaluate our KT procedures and tools, and she will facilitate future collaboration with KT Canada.
Deanna Mercer
Deanna Mercer is the Head of the Department of Psychiatry Psychotherapy Program at U of O, and she coordinates a very large number of community-based clinicians to supervise psychiatry residents .
John Ogrodniczuk
John Ogrodniczuk is the Director of Psychotherapy in the Department of Psychiatry at University of British Columbia, an Associate Editor of Psychotherapy Research, has published surveys of evidence-based practice among psychotherapists, and has received CIHR funding to develop clinician information tools for the psychotherapy of borderline personality disorder.
Michelle Presniak
Michelle Presniak is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She is also an adjunct faculty in the Department of Psychology at the University of Saskatchewan. She chairs the Psychodynamic Section of the Canadian Psychological Association.
Paula Ravitz
Paula Ravitz is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and holds the Mt. Sinai Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, Morgan Firestone Psychotherapy Chair. At the University of Toronto, she is the Associate Director of the Psychotherapy, Health, Humanities & Education Scholarship Division.
Kerri Ritchie

Kerri Ritchie is the Director of Clinical Training in Psychology at TOH, and she coordinates a large number of psychologist supervisors.

John Sylvestre
John Sylvestre is a senior researcher at the Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services at U of O, is senior editor of the Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health, and is an expert in participatory and qualitative research.!uottawa/members/756.
Jeanne Talbot
Jeanne Talbot is a psychiatrist in private practice and at U of O Institute for Mental Health Research, and she coordinates Cognitive Behavioural Therapy training for Psychiatry residents.
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson is an MSW working as a social worker at The Ottawa Hospital since 1998 and currently works as a member of the clinical team at the Regional Centre for the Treatment of Eating Disorders. Since 2002 Brian has also been working part-time in private practice in Orleans specializing in couples and family therapy. He is excited to be networking with colleagues from many other disciplines to promote the practice of psychotherapy.
Livia Chyurlia
Livia Chyurlia has a M.Sc. in Psychology. She is the Research Coordinator for the PPRNet since February 2012 and works at The Ottawa Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Tasca.