Practice-Based Psychotherapy Research: To Improve the Wellbeing of our Community

Welcome to the Psychotherapy Practice Research Network

About Us

The Psychotherapy Practice Research Network (PPRNet) is a Canada wide inter-disciplinary collaboration among psychotherapy clinicians, educators, researchers, knowledge users, and professional organizations. The PPRNet operates in part through generous support and funding by the University of Ottawa, The Ottawa Hospital, and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.


Practice-based psychotherapy research to improve the well being of our community

Mission Statement

The Psychotherapy Practice Research Network (PPRNet) is a partnership of inter-professional psychotherapy clinicians, researchers, educators, and knowledge users who engage in practice-based psychotherapy research. Such collaborations result in psychotherapy research that is informed by the combined expertise of practicing clinicians and researchers. Our goal is to advance practice-based research that translates into excellence in psychotherapy to improve the wellbeing of our community. The PPRNet is committed to sustaining our community's wellbeing by training the next generation of clinicians and researchers in collaborative practice-based psychotherapy research.


  1. Psychotherapy practice and research improves the wellbeing, quality of life, and mental health of our community.

  2. Psychotherapy clinicians have a wealth of knowledge about how psychotherapy works, and what works for their clients that can inform psychotherapy research.

  3. Psychotherapy research is an important method to examine, systematically describe, and predict what works about psychotherapy.

  4. Collaborations between clinicians and researchers in practice-based research are key to conducting clinically meaningful psychotherapy research.

  5. Collaborative practice-based research will improve translation of psychotherapy research into practice.

  6. Active engagement in practice-based research by clinical and research trainees will foster continued collaborations to advance psychotherapy.