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Dr. Christine Yang

Dr. Christine Yang


  • Medical Director: Stroke Rehab program, Elizabeth Bruyere Hospital
  • Assistant Professor: Division of PM&R, University of Ottawa
  • Active Consultant: The Rehab Center, The Ottawa Hospital, Queensway Carleton Hospital

Clinical Areas

  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Spasticity management
  • Eletrodiagnostic Medicine

Research Interests

  • Post stroke fatigue and return to work and drive in young stroke survivors
  • Fall risk assessment post stroke
  • Virtual Reality in the Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients
  • Stroke rehabilitation efficiency
  • Responsiveness of Botulinum toxin and ultrasound



University of Saskatchewan: B.PT

Medical school

Shanxi Medical College, Taiyuan, China: M.D.


  • The 4th Military Medical University, Xian, China: Ph.D
  • University of Saskatchewan: postdoctoral fellowship
  • University of Saskatchewan: PM&R residency

Selected publications

  1. Rutkowski, N., Sabri, E., Yang, C*. (2021) Post-stroke fatigue: A factor associated with inability to return to work in patients <60 years - a 1-year follow-up. PLOS ONE. Published: August 4, 2021

  2. Sheehy, Lisa, Sveistrup, Heidi, Knoefel, Frank, Taillon-Hobson, Anne, Martin, Tara, Egan, Mary, Bilodeau, Martin, Welch, Vivian, Yang, Christine, & Finestone. Hillel. (2021). The Use of Home-Based Nonimmersive Virtual Reality to Encourage Physical and Cognitive Exercise in People With Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Feasibility Study. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. Human Kinetics Journals. Published: August 2021

  3. Yang, Christine*, Ghaedi, Bahareh, Campbell, Mark, Rutkowski, Nicole, Finestone, Hillel. (2021) Predicting Falls Using the Stroke Assessment of Fall Risk Tool. PM&R: The Journal of Injury, Function and Rehabilitation. PM R 13(3) 274-281.

  4. Sheehy, Lisa; Taillon-Hobson, Anne; Sveistrup, Heidi; Bilodeau, Martin; Yang, Christine; Finestone, Hillel. (2020) Sitting Balance Exercise Performed Using Virtual Reality Training on a Stroke Rehabilitation Inpatient Service: A Randomized Controlled Study. PM&R: The Journal of Injury, Function and Rehabilitation. PM R 12 754–765

  5. Lisa Sheehy, Hillel Finestone, Frank Knoefel, Christine Yang, Martin Bilodeau, Vivian Welch, Anne Taillon-Hobson and Heidi Sveistrup. (2019) Centre of pressure displacements produced in sitting during virtual reality training in younger and older adults and patients who have had a stroke. Disability and Rehabilitation – Assistive Technology 15(8): 924-932.

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  7. Karen H Mallet; Rany M Shamloul; Dale Corbett; Hillel M Finestone; Simon Hatcher; Jim Lumsden; Franco Momoli; Michel CF Shamy; Grant Stotts; Richard H Swartz; Christine Yang; Dar Dowlatshahi. (2016) RecoverNow: A Mobile Tablet-Based Rehabilitation Intervention to Treat Post-Stroke Communication Deficits in the Acute Care Setting. PLOS ONE 11(12): e0167950.

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