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Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Shawn Marshall, Chief of Physiatry
505 Smyth Rd, Room 1104
Ottawa, Ontario
K1H 8M2
Tel.: 613-737-7350 ext. 75306

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Program
Dr. Gerald Wolff, Program Director
505 Smyth Rd, Room 1105E
Ottawa, Ontario
K1H 8M2
Tel.: 613-737-7350 ext. 75598

Program Graduates

Program Graduates by year and their current locations and interests
Year Graduate Location Interest
2018 Dr. Kate Montgomery Halifax, Nove Scotia Spinal Cord Rehabilitation
2018 Dr. Alison Anton Ottawa, Ontario EMG, ABI, Neuromuscular 
2018 Dr. Jennifer Shi Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Stroke, ABI, and EMG
2017 Dr. Scott Cook London, Ontario Chronic pain
2016 Dr. Kelsey Crawford Ottawa, Ontario Pediatrics
2016 Dr. Jennifer McDonald Ottawa, Ontario MSK/Interventional/ABI
2016 Dr. Lauren Reid Ottawa, Ontario Community-Hospital based
2016 Dr. Benjamin Ritsma Kingston, Ontario Neuromuscular/Stroke/Neuro rehab
2015 Dr. Rachel Reardon London, Ontario TBD
2014 Dr. Amelia Barry Saint John, NB General/Community Physiatry, MSK, EMG
2014 Dr. Jessica Trier Kingston, ON ABI/EMG
2014 Dr. Claire Vayalumkal Edmonton, AB General Physiatry
2013 Dr. Dana Pecjak Ottawa, ON Community-Hospital based
2012 Dr. Mark Campbell Ottawa, ON Stroke/MSK/EMG
2011 Dr. Deanna Quon Ottawa, ON ABI/EMG
2011 Dr. Leo Tseng Oshawa, ON Community MSK/EMG
2010 Dr. Gaurav Gupta Montreal, QC/
Ottawa, ON
Interventional Therapy
2009 Dr. Anita Fan Vancouver, BC Neuro Rehab/EMG
2009 Dr. Gerald Wolff Ottawa, ON MSK/EMG
2008 Dr. Scott Wiebe Ottawa, ON MSK/EMG
2007 Dr. Michael Payne London, ON P&O / EMG / MSK
2006 Dr. Omar Khan St. Catherines, ON Community/EMG/MSK
2005 Dr. Vidya Sreenivason Ottawa, ON Spinal Cord
2005 Dr. Aziz Al-Feeli Kuwait Pain
2004 Dr. Nancy Dudek Ottawa, ON P&O
2003 Dr. Nathania Liem Windsor, ON Community
2002 Dr. Patti Forgeron Saint John, NB General/EMG/MSK
2001 Dr. Anthony Lentini Ottawa, ON Community/EMG/MSK
2000 Dr. Debbie Timpson Pembroke, ON Community
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