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Dr. Nancy Dudek

Dr. Nancy Dudek


  • Professor - University of Ottawa
  • Associate Staff - The Ottawa Hospital, Civic & General Campus, TRC
  • Active Consultant - SCO Health Service
  • Medical Staff - Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre
  • Medical Staff – Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

Clinical Areas

  • Prosthetics & Orthotics
  • Musculoskeletal medicine
  • Neuromuscular medicine

Research Interests

  • Medical education
  • Amputee rehabilitation



  • 1995 – Bachelor of Science, Honours Physiology, University of Western Ontario

Medical school

  • 1999 – University of Western Ontario


  • 2004 – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency, University of Ottawa


  • 2005 – Master of Education (Health Professional Education), Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

Selected Publications

  1. Rekman J, Hamstra S, Dudek N, Wood T, Seabrook C, Gofton W. A New Instrument for Assessing Resident Competence in Surgical Clinic: The Ottawa Clinic Assessment Tool (OCAT). Journal of Surgical Education. 2016;73(4):575-582.
  2. Voduc N, Dudek N, Parker CM, Sharma KB, Wood TJ. Development and validation of a bronchoscopy competence assessment tool in a clinical setting. Annals of the American Thoracic Society. 2016;13(4):495-501.
  3. Dudek N, Dojeiji S, Day K, Varpio L. Feedback to supervisors: is anonymity really so important? Academic Medicine. Published online 29 March 2016 as DOI: 10.1097/ACM.0000000000001170.
  4. Rekman J, Gofton W, Dudek N, Gofton T, Hamstra S. Entrustability anchor scales: outlining their usefulness for clinical competency based assessment. Academic Medicine. 2016;91(2):186-190.
  5. MacEwan M, Dudek N, Wood T, Gofton W. Continued validation of the O-SCORE (Ottawa Surgical Competency Operating Room Evaluation): use in the simulated environment. Teaching and Learning in Medicine. 2016;28(1):72-79.
  6. Kendall C, Lemaire E, Kofman J, Dudek N. Gait adaptions of transfemoral prosthesis users across multiple walking tasks. Prosthetics & Orthotics International. 2016;40:89-95.
  7. Sinitski EH, Herbert-Copley AG, Lemaire ED, Doyle SS, Besemann M, Dudek NL. Center of pressure and total force analyses for amputees walking with a backpack load over four surfaces. Applied Ergonomics. 2016;52:169-176.
  8. Reid L, Thomson P, Besemann M, Dudek N. Going places – does the two minute walk test predict the six minute walk test in lower extremity amputees. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine 2015:47(3):256-261.
  9. Dudek NL, Dojeiji S. Twelve tips for completing quality in-training evaluation reports. Medical Teacher 2014:36(12):1038-1042.
  10. Bismil R, Dudek NL, Wood TJ. In-training evaluations: developing an automated screening tool to measure report quality. Medical Education 2014:48:724-732.
  11. Doyle SS, Lemaire ED, Besemann M, Dudek NL. Changes to level ground transtibial amputee gait with a weighted back pack. Clinical Biomechanics 2014:29(2):149-154.
  12. Dudek NL, Marks MB, Bandiera G, White J, Wood TJ. Quality in-training evaluation reports – does feedback drive faculty performance? Academic Medicine 2013:88(8):1129-1134.
  13. Dudek N, Marks M, Dojeiji S. Completing a quality evaluation report – what clinical supervisors need to know - a faculty development workshop. MedEdPORTAL; 2013. Available from:
  14. Dudek NL, Marks MB, Wood TJ, Dojeiji S, Bandiera G, Hatala R, Cooke L, Sadownik L. Quality evaluation reports – can a faculty development program make a difference?. Medical Teacher 2012:34(11):e725-e731.
  15. Gofton WT, Dudek NL, Wood TJ, Balaa F, Hamstra SJ. The Ottawa surgical competency operating room evaluation (O-SCORE): a tool to assess surgical competence. Academic Medicine 2012;87(10):1401-1407.
  16. Quon DL, Dudek NL, Marks M, Boutet M & Varpio L. A qualitative study of factors influencing the decision to have an elective amputation. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 2011;93:2087-92.
  17. Kendell, CL, Lemaire ED, Dudek NL, Kofman J. Indicators of dynamic stability in transtibial prosthesis users. Gait and Posture 2010; 31 (3): 375-379.
  18. Dudek N, Trudel G. Joint contractures. In Frontera WR, Silver JK, Rizzo Jr. TD, eds. Essentials of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Musculoskeletal Disorders, Pain and Rehabilitation, 2nd ed. Philadelphia, Saunders Elsevier, 2008: 651-5.
  19. Dudek NL, Marks MB, Lee C & Wood T. Assessing the quality of supervisors’ completed clinical evaluation reports. Medical Education 2008;42:816-22.
  20. Dudek NL, Khan OD, Lemaire ED, Marks MB & Saville L. Ambulation monitoring of transtibial amputation subjects with a patient activity monitor versus a pedometer. Journal of rehabilitation research and development 2008;54(4):577-85.


  • 2012 - Award for Teaching Excellence 7th Canadian Comprehensive Review Course in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • 2012 - Canadian Association of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Paper of the Year Award – D. Quon, N. Dudek, M. Marks, M. Boutet, L. Varpio
  • 2012 - University of Ottawa Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Teaching Award
  • 2011 - Dr. Meredith Marks Education Award for Innovation & Scholarship in Medical Education
  • 2009 - Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada Young Educators Award
  • 2009 - Compass Award – The Ottawa Hospital
  • 2007 - University of Ottawa – Teaching Skills Attainment Award
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