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Dr. Nancy Dudek

Dr. Nancy Dudek


  • Professor - University of Ottawa
  • Associate Staff - The Ottawa Hospital, Civic & General Campus, TRC
  • Active Consultant - SCO Health Service
  • Medical Staff - Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre
  • Medical Staff – Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

Clinical Areas

  • Prosthetics & Orthotics
  • Musculoskeletal medicine

Research Interests

  • Medical education
  • Amputee rehabilitation



  • 1995 – Bachelor of Science, Honours Physiology, University of Western Ontario

Medical school

  • 1999 – University of Western Ontario


  • 2004 – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency, University of Ottawa


  • 2005 – Master of Education (Health Professional Education), Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

Selected Publications

  1. Cheung WJ, Gofton W, Wood T, Duffy M, Dewhirst S, Dudek N. The Ottawa Emergency Department Shift Observation Tool (O-EDShOT): A new tool for assessing resident competence in the emergency department. AEM Education and Training. First published online 20 November 2019.;
  2. Anton A, Legault Z, Dudek N. Validity of the comprehensive high-level activity mobility predictor (CHAMP) in a heterogeneous population with lower extremity amputations. Prosthetics and Orthotics International. 2020;44(2) 60–65.;
  3. Dudek N, Gofton W, Rekman J, McDougall A. Faculty and resident perspectives on using entrustment anchors for workplace-based assessment.  JGME 2019 Jun. ;
  4. Halman S, Rekman J, Wood T, Baird A, Gofton W, Dudek N. Avoid reinventing the wheel: implementation of the Ottawa Clinic Assessment Tool (OCAT) in internal medicine. BMC Medical Education 2018 Dec;18(1):218. 
  5. Rekman J, Hamstra S, Dudek N, Wood T, Seabrook C, Gofton W. A New Instrument for Assessing Resident Competence in Surgical Clinic: The Ottawa Clinic Assessment Tool (OCAT). Journal of Surgical Education. 2016;73(4):575-582.
  6. Voduc N, Dudek N, Parker CM, Sharma KB, Wood TJ. Development and validation of a bronchoscopy competence assessment tool in a clinical setting. Annals of the American Thoracic Society. 2016;13(4):495-501.
  7. Dudek N, Dojeiji S, Day K, Varpio L. Feedback to supervisors: is anonymity really so important? Academic Medicine. Published online 29 March 2016 as DOI: 10.1097/ACM.0000000000001170.
  8. Rekman J, Gofton W, Dudek N, Gofton T, Hamstra S. Entrustability anchor scales: outlining their usefulness for clinical competency based assessment. Academic Medicine. 2016;91(2):186-190.
  9. MacEwan M, Dudek N, Wood T, Gofton W. Continued validation of the O-SCORE (Ottawa Surgical Competency Operating Room Evaluation): use in the simulated environment. Teaching and Learning in Medicine. 2016;28(1):72-79.
  10. Kendall C, Lemaire E, Kofman J, Dudek N. Gait adaptions of transfemoral prosthesis users across multiple walking tasks. Prosthetics & Orthotics International. 2016;40:89-95.
  11. Sinitski EH, Herbert-Copley AG, Lemaire ED, Doyle SS, Besemann M, Dudek NL. Center of pressure and total force analyses for amputees walking with a backpack load over four surfaces. Applied Ergonomics. 2016;52:169-176.
  12. Reid L, Thomson P, Besemann M, Dudek N. Going places – does the two minute walk test predict the six minute walk test in lower extremity amputees. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine 2015:47(3):256-261.
  13. Dudek NL, Dojeiji S. Twelve tips for completing quality in-training evaluation reports. Medical Teacher 2014:36(12):1038-1042.
  14. Bismil R, Dudek NL, Wood TJ. In-training evaluations: developing an automated screening tool to measure report quality. Medical Education 2014:48:724-732.
  15. Doyle SS, Lemaire ED, Besemann M, Dudek NL. Changes to level ground transtibial amputee gait with a weighted back pack. Clinical Biomechanics 2014:29(2):149-154.
  16. Dudek NL, Marks MB, Bandiera G, White J, Wood TJ. Quality in-training evaluation reports – does feedback drive faculty performance? Academic Medicine 2013:88(8):1129-1134.
  17. Dudek N, Marks M, Dojeiji S. Completing a quality evaluation report – what clinical supervisors need to know - a faculty development workshop. MedEdPORTAL; 2013. Available from:
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  20. Quon DL, Dudek NL, Marks M, Boutet M & Varpio L. A qualitative study of factors influencing the decision to have an elective amputation. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 2011;93:2087-92.
  21. Kendell, CL, Lemaire ED, Dudek NL, Kofman J. Indicators of dynamic stability in transtibial prosthesis users. Gait and Posture 2010; 31 (3): 375-379.
  22. Dudek N, Trudel G. Joint contractures. In Frontera WR, Silver JK, Rizzo Jr. TD, eds. Essentials of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Musculoskeletal Disorders, Pain and Rehabilitation, 2nd ed. Philadelphia, Saunders Elsevier, 2008: 651-5.
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  24. Dudek NL, Khan OD, Lemaire ED, Marks MB & Saville L. Ambulation monitoring of transtibial amputation subjects with a patient activity monitor versus a pedometer. Journal of rehabilitation research and development 2008;54(4):577-85.


  • 2018 - CAPM&R Meridith Marks Award
  • 2018 - Royal College/Journal of Graduate Medical Education Top Research Paper in Residency Education at the International Conference on Residency Education. N Dudek, W Gofton, J Rekman, A McDougall
  • 2012 - Award for Teaching Excellence 7th Canadian Comprehensive Review Course in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • 2012 - Canadian Association of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Paper of the Year Award – D. Quon, N. Dudek, M. Marks, M. Boutet, L. Varpio
  • 2012 - University of Ottawa Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Teaching Award
  • 2011 - Dr. Meredith Marks Education Award for Innovation & Scholarship in Medical Education
  • 2009 - Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada Young Educators Award
  • 2009 - Compass Award – The Ottawa Hospital
  • 2007 - University of Ottawa – Teaching Skills Attainment Award
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