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Dr. Travis Davidson

Travis Davidson

Projected year of graduation: 2023



BSc Human Kinetics; University of Ottawa


M.Sc Human Kinetics; University of Ottawa
PhD Human Kinetics; University of Ottawa

Medical school

University of Ottawa; French stream

Clinical Interests

Peripheral nerve injury, traumatic brain injury, neuropsychology and sport’s medicine

Personal Interests

Powerlifting, fishing, canoeing, gaming, ultimate frisbee and most sports


Peer-reviewed journals

Davidson, T., & Tremblay, F. (2013).Hemispheric differences in corticospinal excitability and in transcallosal inhibition in relation to degree of handedness. PLoS One
Davidson, T., & Tremblay, F. (2013). Age and hemispheric differences in transcallosal inhibition between motor cortices: an ipsilateral silent period study. BMC Neuroscience.
Davidson, T. (2015). A Review of Transgender Health. University of Ottawa Journal of Medicine
Davidson, T. Bolic, M., & Tremblay, F. (2016). Predicting modulation in corticomotor excitability and in transcallosal inhibition in response to anodal transcranial direct current stimulation. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
Davidson, T. & Tremblay, F. (2016). Evidence of alterations in transcallosal motor inhibition as a possible long-term consequence of concussions in sports: a transcranial magnetic stimulation study. Clinical Neurophysiology
Davidson, T. & Chakraborty, S. (2017). Changing trends in hyperacute stroke treatment and early clinical outcomes reflecting recent improvement in endovascular thrombectomy techniques. University of Ottawa Journal of Medicine

Conference Abstract

Davidson, T., & Tremblay, F. (2011). Behavioural and neurophysiological correlates of manual performance asymmetries in right and left-handers. Presented at the 8th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience
Davidson, T., & Tremblay, F. (2011). Age-related changes in motor transcallosal inhibition, as reflected by the ipsilateral silent period, correlates with declines in unimanual hand function. Presented at Neuroscience 2011
Davidson, T., Gerguis, M., & Tremblay, F. (2012). Interhemispheric differences in stimulus-response profiles for the contralateral and ipsilateral silent period in young healthy adults. Presented at Neuroscience 2012
Davidson, T., Ferron, L., & Tremblay, F. (2013). Neurophysiological changes revealed in young athletes after a concussion in sport. Presented at Neuroscience 2013
Davidson, T., Gerguis, M., & Tremblay, F. (2014). Neural adaptations following a short-term strength training period: A TMS pilot study. Presented at the 30th International Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology (ICCN) of the IFCN.
Davidson, T., Bolic, M., & Tremblay, F. (2014). Modulation of transcallosal inhibition in the motor cortex by transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). Presented at Neuroscience 2014
Virani, A., Radke, D., Davidson, T., & Tremblay, F. (2014). Reliability of TMS-derived measures regarding intrahemispheric inhibition. Presented at Neuroscience 2014
Radke, D., Virani, A., Davidson, T., & Tremblay, F. (2014). Hemispheric inhibition between motor cortices: A reliability study of TMS-derived measures of interhemispheric inhibition. Presented at Neuroscience 2014
Nejadgholi, I., Davidson, T., Bolic, M., & Tremblay, F. (2015). Classification of responders versus non-responders to tDCS by analyzing voltage between anode and cathode during treatment session. Presented at World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering 2015
Davidson, T., & Chakraborty, S. (2017). Clinical practice of thrombectomies in one city center. Presented at the 65th annual scientific meeting of the Canadian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
Davidson, T., Chirico, D., Terada, T., Scott, K., Keast, M-L., Reid, R. D., Pipe, A.L., & Reed, J.L. (2019). Do we have agreement? Examining the use of the six-minute walk test to monitor cardio-respiratory fitness response to cardiac rehabilitation in patients with heart failure. Presented at the 30th European Heart Diseases and Heart Failure Congress


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