Contact Information

John P. Veinot, M.D., F.R.C.P.C (Canada)
Chairman, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Tel: 613-562-5422

Sheila Schnupp
Office and Residency Program Administrator (Anatomical)
Telephone: 613-562-5800 ext. 8342

Manon Levesque Undergraduate Program and Office Coordinator
451 Smyth road,
Room 4155
Ottawa, Ontario
K1H 8M5

Tel: 613-562-5422

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John Woulfe

John Woulfe

M.D. (McMaster University), F.R.C.P.C (Neuropathology), Ph.D (McGill University), M.Sc. (University of Western Ontario), B.Sc. (McMaster University)

Associate Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Faculty of Medicine

Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Immunology

Staff Neuropathologist
The Ottawa Hospital - Civic Campus
Division of Anatomical Pathology

Associate Scientist
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Telephone: 613-798-5555 ext. 13345
Fax: 613-761-4199

Areas of Laboratory Medicine Expertise

  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Frontotemporal dementia
  • Neuroanatomy
  • Neurodegenerative disease
  • Neuropathology
  • Parkinson's disease

Research Interests

  • Nuclear bodies and nuclear inclusions in neurodegenerative disease
  • Intranuclear rodlets in the brain and pancreatic islets
  • Frontotemporal dementia
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Protein aggregation

Recent Publications

  • Côté I, Shamji, MF, Sinclair J, Woulfe J, Glikstein. Cerebral metastasis presenting after complete primary resection of atrial myxoma: case report and review of literature.  Neurosurgery. Submitted.
  • Cullen V, Pablo Sardi S, Ng J, Hui X-Y, Tomlinson JJ,  Kolodziej P, Kahn I, Saftig P, Woulfe J, Rochet JC, Glicksman M, Grabowski GL, Shihabuddin LS, Schlossmacher MG.  Acid β-glucocerebrosidase mutants linked to three human diseases alter a–synuclein processing in cellular and in vivo studies. Submitted
  • Muftah S, Xu Z, El Gadaffi W, Moulton R, Burns B, Woulfe J.  Synchronous intravascular large B-cell lymphoma within meningioma.  Neuropathology.  In Press.
  • Tang MY, Proctor CJ, Woulfe J, Gray DA.  Experimental and computational analysis of polyglutamine-mediated toxicity. Plos Comp Biol. 2010;6:e1000944.
  • Milman P, Fu A, Screaton RA, Woulfe J.  Depletion of beta cell intranuclear rodlets in mouse models of diabetes.  Endocrine Pathology.  2010;21:230-235.
  • Tang V, Woulfe J, Grimes D.  Primary intracranial hemangiopericytoma presenting as hemiparkinsonism. Can J Neurol Sci. In press.
  • Woulfe J, Gray DA, Mackenzie IRA.  FUS-immunoreactive neuronal intranuclear inclusions in neurodegenerative disease.  Brain Pathology. 2010 20(3):589-597 (Cover Illustration).
  • Boisse L, Islam O, Woulfe J, Ludwin SK, Brunet DG.  Hereditary diffuse leukoencephalopathy with neuroaxonal spheroids:  Novel imaging findings.  J Neurol Neurosurg Psychatr.  2010 81:313-314.
  • Woulfe J, Gray DA, Mackenzie IRA.  FUS-immunoreactive neuronal intranuclear inclusions in neurodegenerative disease.  Brain Pathology.  September 2009. Epub ahead of print.
  • Mackenzie IR, Foti D, Woulfe J, Hurwitz TA. Atypical frontotemporal lobar degeneration with ubiquitin-positive, TDP-43-negative neuronal inclusions. Brain 2008;131:1282-1293.
  • Shankar J, Chakraborty S, Woulfe J, Miller W. Assessment of CT perfusion for evaluation of cerebral gliomas – preliminary results. Canadian Association of Radiologists, 2008.
  • Woulfe J. Nuclear bodies in neurodegenerative disease. Biochimica Biophysica Acta Molecular Cell Research.  Special Issue on Functional Architecture of the Nucleus. 2008;1783(11):2195-2206. Invited review.
  • Xiong H, Callaghan D, Jones A, Walker D, Lue LF, Woulfe J, Beach TG, Sue L, Stanimirovic D, Zhang W. Cholesterol regulates β- and γ-secretase activities for Ab production in Alzheimer’s disease. Asian Journal of Gerontology & Geriatrics 2007;2.
  • Prichett-Pejic W, Milman P, Munoz DG, Woulfe J. Intranuclear rodlets in human pancreatic islet cells. Pancreas 2007;35:207-211
  • Woulfe J.  Abnormalities of the nucleus and nuclear inclusions in neurodegenerative disease: a work in progress.  Neuropathol Appl Neurobiol 2007;33:2-42. Invited review
  • Al Azri F, Pangupath S, Nguyen T, Lum C, Miller W, Kingstone M, Woulfe J, Jansen GJ.  Magnetic resonance imaging of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy in HIV positive patients.  American Roentgen Ray Society 2007 Annual Meeting.
  • Xiong H, Callaghan D, Jones A, Yam Y, Pei K, Walker D, Lue L-F, Woulfe J, Beach TG, Sue L, Stanimiorovic D, Xu H, Zhang W.  ABCG1/ABCG4-mediated cellular cholesterol efflux affects b-and g-secretase activities and b-amyloid production in N2A cells.   Alzheimer's and Dementia 2006;2(3) Suppl 1:S530.
  • Callaghan D, Jones A, Vukic V, Walker D, Lue L-F, Woulfe J, Beach TG, Sue L, Stanimiorovic D, Zhang W. Expression and regulation of inflammatory genes in human brain endothelial cells induced by beta-amyloid peptides. Alzheimer’s and Dementia 2006;2(3) Suppl 1: S456.
  • Munoz DG, Woulfe J, Kertesz A. Specific pathological substrate of possible primary progressive aphasia (PPA): argyrophilic thorny astrocyte clusters (ATAC). International Conference on Frontotemporal Dementia. San Francisco, 2006.

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