Conflict of Interest Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference

General Provisions

The Conflict-of-Interest Advisory Committee oversees the review and implementation of the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine Policy titled Interactions between the Faculty of Medicine and the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, and Hospital and Research Equipment and Supplies Industries. The Committee is responsible for the following:

  1. Oversee and help conduct training designed to acquaint professors, students, trainees and staff with the Policy;
  2. Facilitate the alignment of conflict-of-interest policies with those of affiliated hospitals and research institutes;
  3. Provide interpretations of the Policy to professors, students, trainees and staff;
  4. Provide support for and develop methods to manage actual or perceived conflicts of interest;
  5. Provide advice on and identify resources for managing conflicts of interest for the Professional Affairs website;
  6. Review and update the Policy every three years.


The Committee is composed of these members:

  1. Chair (one of the following, appointed for a two-year term, renewable once);
  2. Vice Dean, Professional Affairs;
  3. Vice Dean, Continuing Medical Education;
  4. Director of Professionalism (or delegate);
  5. Three chairs of clinical departments elected by the Clinical Chairs Committee;
  6. One chair/member from a basic science department elected by the Basic Science Chairs Committee;
  7. Two representatives from affiliated hospitals selected by the Liaison Committee for the Academic Health Science Centres;
  8. One representative from affiliated research institutes selected by the FMRC;
  9. One student representative each from UGME, PGME and Graduate Studies appointed by the respective groups.


The Committee meets at least four times a year, as needed, to discuss interpretations of the Policy or to clarify specific cases. The Chair is responsible for:

  1. Scheduling meetings;
  2. Preparing and circulating an agenda before each meeting; and
  3. Keeping and circulating minutes from each meeting.


The Committee reports through its Chair to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

Committee Date
Faculty Advisory Board January 31, 2012
Faculty Council February 15, 2012
Executive Committee of the Senate August 27, 2012 (12:M05:11)