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Dr. Andrée Gruslin MD, FRCSC

Professor, University of Ottawa
Scientist, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Dept. OBS GYN & Cellular Molecular Medicine
Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine,
The Ottawa Hospital – General Campus

501 Smyth Road, Room 8425, Ottawa, ON K1H 8L6
Phone: 613-737-8797
Fax: 613-737-8070


Dr. Andrée Gruslin obtained her medical degree from the University of Ottawa in 1989. She then interned at the University of Western Ontario and completed her Residency Training in Obstetrics/Gynecology (OB/GYN) in Ottawa in 1994. This was followed by Fellowship Training in Maternal-Fetal Medicine in San Diego, California in 1996. She was appointed as faculty member of the Department Of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) at The Ottawa Hospital-General Campus, in 1996.  Since her arrival in MFM, she has implemented a Placenta Lab (wet lab) of which she is the director. She has also developed a Placenta Clinic (one of four in North America) where she sees women with placental mediated diseases.  She spends a significant portion of her time in medical education mentoring and developing our future specialists.  Last but not least, Dr. Gruslin maintains a clinical practice in high risk pregnancy spending time in clinic and ultrasound.

Currently, she is a full Professor of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, at the University of Ottawa and a Scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. Her research focuses on how placental growth and development impact two of the most significant issues in obstetrical medicine: fetal growth restriction and pre-eclampsia. She has been consistently supported through competitive peer review grants.  She has placed her efforts into two streams: the basic molecular regulation of trophoblast function/survival and the clinical care of women with preeclampsia.  Dr Gruslin has developed a unique ultrasound technique to assess intravillous blood flow during gestation and uses this method to predict the risk of placental mediated diseases.

Dr. Gruslin has supervised over 35 students, residents and fellows. She has received multiple peer-reviewed grant support which has led to the publication of over 80 abstracts and over 85 papers/chapters. She presents at national and international meetings and has given over 50 invited lectures. She has also been acting as reviewer for journals as well as presentations and grants for organizations such as CIHR, NIH, and Society for Gynaecological investigation, Physicians Services Inc, Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada and the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology among others.

Her involvement in medical education is significant including:  membership of the residency training committee and post graduate research committee, examiner at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, including Royal College Examiner.  Other former appointments include: Director of the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship Program, Director of Continuing Medical Education/OBS-GYN and Director of OBS-GYN Residency Training program, University of Ottawa.

Sample Publications:

  • Gruslin A. What is the Appropriate Obstetrical Management of an Expectant Woman with Group B Strep Infection?Perinatal Newsletter Feb. 1992;9:1.

  • Préfontaine M, Gruslin A. Referral Patterns for Suspected Ovarian Cancer: A Survey for Practicing Gynecologists. International Journal of Gynecological Cancer 1995;5:381-385.

  • Sklansky M, Greenberg, M, Lucas V, Gruslin A. Case Report: Intrapericardial Teratoma in a Twin Fetus: Diagnosis and Management. Obstetrics and Gynecology May 1997;89:5(2);807-809.

  • Gruslin A, Shields LE, Widness JA, Brace RA. Fetal Plasma Iron and Restoration of Red Blood Cell Mass after Hemorrhage of the Ovine Fetus. American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology Nov. 1997;177:5;1172-1177
  • Gruslin A, Selby P, Davies GAL, Leyland, NA, Franche R-L. Alcohol Abuse and the Pregnant Woman. Journal SOGC. June 1998;20:7;655-666.

  • Gruslin A, Bonin B. Complications Associated with the Administration of Tocolytic Agents. Journal SOGC. Sept. 1998;20(10):953-969.

  • Vora M, Gruslin A. Clinical Uses of Erythropoietin in Obstetrics. Obstetrical and Gynecological Survey 1998;53(8):500-508.

  • Gruslin A. The Role of Erythropoietin In the Mother and Fetus. Journal SOGC 1998;20(11):1083-1091.

  • Bonin B, Gruslin A, Simpson NAB, Rubin SZ, Oppenheimer LW. Second Trimester Prenatal Diagnosis of Congenital Gastric Outlet Obstruction. J Ultrasound Med 1998;17:403-406.

  • Manchanda R, Gruslin A, Vora M. Influence of post-datism and meconium on fetal erythropoietin. Journal of Perinatology Oct.-Nov. 1999;19:7, p.479-482.

  • Brace RA, Gruslin A, Hull AD, Widness JA, Cheung CY. Correction of Hemorrhage-Induced Anemia with Intra-Amniotic Iron in the Ovine Fetus. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 1999;180:1 (pt 1): 214-220.

  • Gruslin A. Hepatitis C Prevention and Control: Implications for the Obstetrician/Gynecologist. J Soc Obstet Gynaecol Can 1999;21(13):1234-42.

  • Gruslin A, Perkins S, Manchanda R, Fleming N, Clinch J. Maternal Smoking and Fetal Erythropoietin Levels. Obstetrics and Gynecology 2000;95(4):561-564.

  • Kashyap S, Gruslin A. Influenza vaccination during pregnancy. Primary Care Update for Ob/Gyns. 2000; 7(1): 7-11.

  • Jones G, Gruslin A. Sonographic Diagnosis of Funic Presentation: Implication for Delivery. BJOG 2000;107(8):1055-1057.

  • Gruslin A, Boucher M, Money D, Delage G et al. SOGC Clinical Practice Guidelines: The Reproductive Care of Women Living with Hepatitis C Infection. Funded by Health Canada (LCDC). Journal SOGC. 2000;22(10):820-844.

  • Gruslin, A. Pregnant Women Living with HIV: How to Reduce Maternal-Fetal Transmission. Perinatal Newsletter Feb. 2001;18:1. 

  • Bland E, Oppenheimer L, Brisson-Carroll G, Morel C, Holmes P, MD, Gruslin A. Influence of an Educational Program on Medical Students' Attitudes to Substance Use Disorders in Pregnancy. Am J Drug and Alcohol Abuse 2001:27(3); 483-90.

  • Gruslin A, Salvador A, Dekker M, Eason E. HIV Screening Practice in a Tertiary Care Center. Canadian Journal of Public Health Jul/Aug 2001;92:4; 255-58.

  • Scott H, Walker M, Gruslin A. The Significance of Meconium Stained Amniotic Fluid in the Preterm Population. Journal of Perinatology June 2001;21(3):174-7.

  • Gruslin A, Qiu Q, Tsang BK. X-linked Inhibitor of Apoptosis Protein Expression and the Regulation of Apoptosis During Human Placental Development. Biology of Reproduction 2001;64:1264-1272.

  • Gruslin A, Qiu Q, Tsang BK. Influence of maternal smoking on trophoblast apoptosis throughout development: possible involvement of XIAP regulation. Biology of Reproduction 2001;65:1164-69.

  • McDonald S, Gruslin A. Campylobacter in pregnancy. Case report and review of the literature. Primary Care Update for Obs/Gyn 2001;8[no. 6]:253-257.

  • Boucher, M., Cohen, H., Gruslin, A. et al. Mode of delivery for Pregnant Women infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Journal SOGC April 2001;Vol. 23[no. 4]:348-752.

  • Sallout, B.I., Gruslin, A. Perinatal Infections. Canadian Journal of CME Jan. 2002;Vol. 14[no. 1].

  • Crane Joan, Boucher Marc, Cohen Howard, Gruslin, Andrée et al. Parvovirus B19 Infection in Pregnancy. SOGC Clinical Practice Guidelines. JOGC September 2002;119:727-734.

  • Caetano, M., Ornstein, M., von Dadelszen, P., Hannah, ME., Logan, AG., Gruslin, A., Magee, LA. A Survey of Canadian practioners regarding the diagnosis and evaluation of the hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Hypertens Prgn Inf. 2002:21.

  • McDonald, S., Faught, W., Gruslin, A. Cervical cancer in Pregnancy. A review. J Obstet Gynaecol Can 2002;24(6):491-8.

  • Roberts H.J., Hu S., Qiu, Q., Leung, P.C., Caniggia I., Gruslin, A., Tsang B., Feng C. Identification of Novel Isoforms of Activin Receptor-Like Kinase 7 (ALK7) Generated by Alternative Splicing and Expression of ALK7 and its Ligand, Nodal, in Human Placenta. Biol Reprod May 2003;68(5):1719-26. Epub 2002 Dec 27.

  • Qiu Q., Tsang B.K., Gruslin A. The Role of Fas Ligand in the interaction of intravillous trophoblasts and maternal leukocytes: Immune privilege and control of invasion. Provisionally accepted to Journal of Reproductive Immunology (2004).

  • Caetano, M., Ornstein, M., von Dadelszen, P., Hannah, ME., Logan, AG., Gruslin, A., Magee, LA. A Survey of Canadian practioners regarding the management of the hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Hypertens Pregnancy 2004;23(1):61-74.

  • Q. Qiu, M. Yang, B.K. Tsang, A. Gruslin. EGF-Induced Trophoblast Secretion of MMP-9 and TIMP-1 Involves Activation of both P13K and MAPK Signaling Pathways. Reproduction Sept. 2004;128(3):355-63.

  • Q. Qiu, M. Yang, B.K. Tsang, A. Gruslin. Both mitogen-activated protein kinase and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase signalling are required in epidermal growth factor-induced human trophoblast migration. Mol Hum Reprod Sept. 2004;10(9):677-684. Epub 2004 Jul 02.

  • Qing Qiu, Mingyan Yan, Ajoy Basah, Majambu Mbikay, Benjamin K. Tsang, Andree Gruslin. The Expression and Functional Role of Proprotein PC4 in Human Placental Development via Processing of Pro IGH-11. ( PNAS, 2005).

  • Money D, Dobson S, Gruslin A et al. The prevention of early onset neonatal groupB streptococcal disease.J Obstet GYnecol Can 2004;26(9):826-32.

  • von Dadelszen P, Magee L. Devarakonda R. Hamilton T. Ainsworth L. Yin R. Norena M. Walley K. Gruslin A. Moutquin JM. Lee S. Russell J. The Prediction of Adverse Outcomes in Preeclampsia. J Obstet Gynecol Can. Oct. 2004;vol 26[no.10]:871-879.

Book chapters

  • Nimrod C, Gruslin A. Postterm Pregnancy. Doppler Ultrasound in Obstetrics. Chapter 17, p.165-170. Raven Press. 1995.

  • Gruslin A, Moore TR. Erythrobastosis Fetalis. In: Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, Diseases of the Fetus and Infant. 6th ed. Chapter 19, p. 300-311. Publ. Fanaroff and Martin. 1997

  • Nimrod C, Gruslin A. The Biology of Normal and Deviant Fetal Growth. In Medicine of the Fetus and Mother. 2nd ed. Reece EA, Hobbins JC. Chapter 17 p.267-280. 1999.

  • Gruslin A, Franche R-L, Selby P, Davies G, Leyland N. Project CREATE: Volume 14. Substance Use Disorders: Obstetrics and Gynecology Module. In L. Wilson, M. Kahan, D. Midmer, (Eds.) Project CREATE Module Series for Undergraduate Medical Education and Faculty Development. 1999. Toronto: Department of Family & Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. (Peer reviewed prior to publication).

  • Gruslin A, Moore TR. Erythroblastosis Fetalis In: Neonatal Perinatal Medicine. Diseases of Fetus and Infant. Publ. Fanaroff and Martin. Submitted for 7th edition, year 2000; 8th Edition (2004).

  • Pretorius D, Gruslin A. Hydrops and ascites. In: Diagnostic Ultrasound of Fetal Anomalies: Text and Atlas. Eds. Nyberg, Mahoney and Pretorius. Mosby Pub. Chapter 16 p.713-744. 2002.

  • Gruslin A, Moore TR. Erythroblastosis Fetalis In: Neonatal Perinatal Medicine. Diseases of Fetus and Infant. Publ. Fanaroff and Martin. Inpress for 8th edition, year 2004. 

  • Nimrod C, Gruslin A. The Biology of Normal and Deviant Fetal Growth. In Medicine of the Fetus and Mother. 3rd ed. Reece EA, Hobbins JC. Chapter 14 p. -, 2006. In press.

Grant Support

  • Gruslin A. Yearly educational grant received from Industry for University of Ottawa, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology Annual Staff Research Day. 1997 – present. (Non-peer reviewed). Amount received: $3000.00.

  • Gruslin A. Co-Investigator: Alpha - C.A.R.E. Community and Residency Education. A National Educational Research and Dissemination Project. Oct. 1997. Amount received: $92,000.00.

  • Gruslin A. The Role of Apoptosis in Placental Growth and Development. 1998. Amount received: $10,000.00 from Cradle Fund for technical support.

  • Oppenheimer LW, Gruslin A, MacFadyen J, Kahan M. Survey of Medical Students Attitudes Towards Substance Use in Pregnancy. Educating Future Physicians of Ontario. 1998. Amount received: $500.00.

  • Gruslin A. The Role of Placental Apoptosis in Regulation of Placental and Fetal Growth. Physicians’ Services Incorporated Foundation. 1998-1999. $99,000.00 awarded.

  • Gruslin A. Educational Grant received from Glaxo Wellcome for organization of educational day on HIV in Pregnancy for Obs/Gyn Residency Training Program. $2500.00 awarded.

  • SOGC. Boucher M, Gruslin A. Grant for the production and publication of Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Women Living with HCV. Health Canada. 2000 $80,000.00 awarded.

  • Gruslin, A. Pre-eclampsia Severity Score – as co-investigator. 2003. CRADLE FUND $1.500 for data collection. 

  • Gruslin A, Tsang BK, Basak A. Role and Regulation of Placental Apoptosis in Health and Disease. Grant obtained from Sick Children's Foundation. 2001-2003. $130,000.

  • Gruslin A, Tsang BK. Role of P13-K in Signaling Pathway in Mediating Smoking-Induced Inhibition of Trophoblast Invasion. Grant obtained from Philip Morris External Research Program. 2002-2005. $448,000.

  • Magee, L., Hannah, M., von Dadelszen, P., Gafni, A., Gruslin, A., Helewa, M., Lee, S., Logan, A., Moutquin, J.-M., Ohisson, A. Rey, E. CHIPS Trial. (Co-applicant). 2002-2004. Grant obtained from CIHR. $330,000.

  • Ouellet, A. Gruslin, A. Walker, M. Prospective Evaluation of Intraplacental Doppler Flow Resistance in Normal Pregnancies and Pregnancies at Risk of Fetal Growth Restriction. 2003-2004. The Physicians’ Services Incorporated Foundation. $20,000.

  • Ouellet A., Gruslin A., Walker M. Correlation between Antenatal Intraplacental Doppler Flow Resistance and Postnatal Histopathological Exam of the Placenta. 2003-2004. CRADLE FUND $2,000.

  • Von Dadelszen, P., Magee L.A., Lee S.K., MacNab, Y.C., Douglas M.J., Russell, J.A., Walley, K.R., Smith, G.N., Gruslin, A., (Co-Investigator), P.I.E.R.S. (Pre-Eclampsia Integrated Estimate of Risk). Multicenters Trials. Funded by C.I.H.R. March 1, 2004 – March 31, 2007. $300.000.

  • Walley K. Carter C., Gruslin A., (Co-Investigator), Rodger M., Ross S, Russell J., Synnes, A., Ansermino M., Bruce C., Douglas J., Magee L., Janssen P., Leung P., Lee S., Skoll, A. rhAPC in Pre-clampsia, Funded from C.I.H.R. 2004-2007. $380,000.

  • Magee, L., Hannah, M., von Dadelszen, P., Gafni, A., Gruslin, A., (Co-Applicant) Helewa, M., Lee, S., Logan, A., Moutquin, J.-M., Ohisson, A. Rey, E. CHIPS Trial (Original Grant 2002-2004 - Extended by CIHR). 2004-2006. $201,925.
  • A. Gruslin CIHR Short term Clinician –Investigator award: Role of PC4 in placental development – 25,000$- 2005

Alyson Belanger , Administrative Assistant
E-mail : Alyson Belanger


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