Leveraging the Adobe Connect environment provided by the University of Ottawa's Distance Education, we are able to provide simulcasts of lectures, meetings or presentations to anyone with a PC, Mac or tablet/smartphone device that has an Internet connection. Participants can interact with their voice or by typing into the chat box. Organizers can leverage the software to monitor their virtual lecture/conference room, choose who can ask questions, accomplish breakout sessions in smaller groups and more.

We also provide Adobe Connect training empowering our clients to provide their own webcasts using their own equipment or one of our webcasting "kits".

Priority of Service

Due to the popularity of our webcasting service, we are unable to provide on-site support for each webcasting request. Priority will be given to postgraduate and undergraduate programs, followed by the remainder of Faculty of Medicine departments. We are happy to provide training for those who would like to be self-sufficient. Please note that at this time we cannot offer continual support for repeating webcast requests for departments other than Postgraduate and Undergraduate Medical Education.

Webcasting Kits

Each webcasting kit contains all the equipment and documentation required to run a webcast. The equipment is nicely packaged in a portable suitcase with wheels that is easily transported to and from your physical location. Each kit contains:

  • A powerful laptop computer
  • State-of-the-art lapel and table microphones
  • High-Definition Webcam + tripod
  • Professional-grade USB microphone for individual recordings
  • Roll-out extension cord
  • All cables and power adapters
  • Documentation for webcasting (Adobe Connect) and offline content production.

These kits are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis and are subject to availability. Reservations are not guaranteed.

  • All faculty departments and personnel
  • Priority given to Undergraduate/Postgraduate programs
  • Request a webcast
  • Phone: 613-562-5648
  • Support hours (M-F):
    8am - 5pm (Sept - May)
    8am - 4pm (Jun. - Aug.)
  • Emergency support available after-hours