Printing Services

Printing services

Administrative Staff

The University of Ottawa no longer permits the purchase of printers using corporate funds for administrative purposes. All printers used for administrative staff must be provided by Information Technology / Xerox. There are no costs for the printer itself, only a cost per page (black or colour) is charged directly to a designated cost-centre.

New Printer Installations

All new requests for administrative printers must be made through our online form. We will coordinate the installation with Information Technology who will proceed with an analysis of the printing needs of your administrative unit. Fees for the installation and networking configuration will be incurred (about $600-$800).

Xerox Printer Support

Please note that toner (ink) for Xerox printers is ordered automatically based on the level of toner remaining in the printer.

We will assist in the troubleshooting of your Xerox printer. This typically entails installation, configuration and troubleshooting printer-related issues on your computer. If a physical problem with the printer is found, a support incident will be opened with Information Technology to repair the printer.

Academic / Research Staff

The purchase of individual printers for academic / research staff from research funds is still accepted at the University of Ottawa. We will install and support your printer in your office or lab environment. We also provide consulting services to research and academic staff looking to purchase a printer for their professional use.

  • Xerox (standard) printers available to all uOttawa faculty / staff located on campus.
  • Non-standard printers available to academic/ research staff only.