New & Existing User Access

new and existing user access

The Faculty of Medicine (FoM) account is your gateway to accessing all resources at the Faculty of Medicine. The FoM account is used for services such as (some services require extra access rights):

  • Logging into faculty computers
  • Accessing shared drives and files
  • One45
  • Online curriculum
  • Various web applications
  • Secured content on FoM websites
  • Sharepoint document management

It is important to note that your FoM account is different than your e-mail and your library account, both of which are managed by Information Technology.

Requesting a new account or access

All requests for new accounts or accesses must be made through your department admin or immediate supervisor. Each department admin or supervisor acts as a liaison with our service to insure the security of our environment as well as managing the various levels of access for individuals under their responsibility.

Account troubleshooting

If you have difficulty accessing your account, we ask that you use our automated account recovery tool. Simply enter your e-mail address (some users may have more than one, so please try all your e-mail addresses) and an automated e-mail will be sent to you with instructions on resetting your password.

If you continue to have difficulty accessing your account after having reset your password, please fill out our online help form and someone from our team will work with you to restore your accesses.

Library access

Remote library / journal access is available to all University of Ottawa staff carrying a valid employee number or individuals who hold a recognized position with the Faculty of Medicine. For more information, please contact us.

more info
  • FoM, e-mail and library are all separate accounts and require different passwords
  • FoM accounts are available to all authorized individuals requiring access to various faculty resources.