Medtech ELENTRA Announcement

The Faculty of Medicine will be introducing over the next two years new software solutions targeted to improve information sharing and equip staff, educators, researchers and students with an innovative and easy-to-use technology environment.

The Faculty’s Information Management Services are an active member in an international consortium of medical school technology centres that are designing integrated administrative, teaching and learning systems that will replace many of the current systems used by the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine.

The high level of collaboration among consortium partners provides a unique problem-solving and development environment that the Faculty could not obtain through stand-alone technology solutions.

The consortium’s Elentra system offers rich features using a simple interface, with functional modules to support academic curriculum and scheduling management, faculty accountability and development, assessment and evaluation, learner management, and more. As we migrate off of the current Medtech systems, Elentra will provide a comprehensive IT systems architecture with best-in-class information management tools that will enhance many Faculty activities by improving usability and streamlining formerly inefficient activities.

The Elentra road map outlines a two-year ‘reengineer and build, test and deploy’ timeline across the Faculty. The deployment will take a phased approach with modules being introduced gradually to meet business continuity requirements and minimize disruption.

For more information about this exciting new initiative, please contact Medtech’s Senior Manager:

Lyne Charlebois