Faculty of Medicine Service Agreement (Students)

This Agreement is between the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ottawa (hereinafter called the 'Faculty') and the student in the Undergraduate Medical Program at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ottawa (hereinafter called the 'Student').

Termination of the agreement:

The contract become void if the student is not registered as an Undergraduate Medical Student. (eg. leave school)


The student understands that interruptions in service and/or loss of data or access may occur due to system failure, hardware or software malfunction, network error, or other cause. The Faculty shall not be liable or help responsible for any loss or damage of data that result from such occurrence.

Data security backup:

The student is responsible for his own files and to make their own backups.

Internet connection:

The faculty is providing connections on the network in specific places within Roger-Guindon Hall. The student should get their own Internet connection at home.


The student must comply with all copyright, trademarks and trade-name rights and licences in all software or other material.


Students have to respect policies, practice and procedures in place at the University of Ottawa.

Intellectual property:

The Curriculum Materials, both paper-based and computer-based, are the property of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ottawa. The distribution of the Curriculum Materials is restricted to medical students of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ottawa and is produced solely for the education of those students. You can distribute it in any manner amongst your fellow medical students, but it is NOT for distribution to students or faculty at other universities, or to any other individuals or private companies without written consent of the Office of the Dean.

Email Communications:

The Faculty will use your University assigned email address for all communications with you. As a student, it is compulsory for you to use your university email address for all MD Program related email communications. For the remainder of your studies at the Faculty of Medicine, Hotmail or other such email accounts must not be used for communications associated to your studies at the Faculty of Medicine.