FAQ: Medicine Username Change

1. Why is my username being changed?

The Faculty of Medicine's Information Management Services (Medtech) is adopting the central University of Ottawa naming convention for all usernames used to access various systems at the University of Ottawa. The goal behind this adoption is to reduce the different usernames individuals must remember in order to access different systems at the University and instead move towards a unified, single username approach.

2. How will I be affected by this change?

If you have received an e-mail communication from the Information Management Services, then your username is one of those affected by this change. As instructed in the e-mail, your username will undergo a slight change to conform to the naming conventions used by the University of Ottawa. On the date of the migration (included in the e-mail you received), your username will be changed from the current username you are using to the new username convention. Access to the various systems will be completely restored by noon on the day of your scheduled migration.

Once your username has been changed, you will need to use this new username to access the various systems of the Faculty of Medicine. Your old username will cease to work after the migration date.

3. What systems will be affected by this change?

The following systems are affected by the username change. You will be required to use your new username to access the following systems as of Friday morning following your migration date.

  • One45
  • Faculty of Medicine computer login
  • MD Curriculum sites
  • All secured websites at the Faculty of Medicine
  • Sharepoint
  • e-Portfolio
  • Stipends
  • Clinical Placement
  • Postgrad Forms
  • Reporting Services
  • MSPR

4. What will not be affected?

The following systems will not be affected by the username change:

  • University of Ottawa e-mail
  • Infoweb / uOZone
  • University VPN
  • Library system access
  • WiFi access
  • HR Systems (FAST, Banner, Performance Management)
  • SPAY
  • Immunization

5. When will the change occur?

The migration to the new usernames will occur in batches of 100-150 individuals per week. The migrations will occur on Thursday evenings (after 10pm) and access to various Faculty of Medicine systems and services will be restored by the following day (Friday) at noon.

6. What if I have an issue with my account after my username has changed?

Please contact the Information Management Services (Medtech) at 613-562-5648 or fill out our online help form at http://www.med.uottawa.ca/medtech/help/. All service requests for issues related to the username change will be given top priority.