FAQ: Medicine Online Support Form

1. Why is Medtech moving to an online support form?

In order to provide a better service to you, our client, we have moved from an e-mail-based support system to an online form-based support system which allows us to log all support requests that our clients make to our service.

2. What are the advantages of this form?

Service requests to Medtech have dramatically increased over the years which in turn results in our staff being very busy. By filling out the form, your request will be dispatched to the person who is in the best position possible to respond to your request in a time-effective manner. Another advantage is that all communication regarding your service request is logged in our system and can easily be retrieved in the future. This will allow us to serve you better by analyzing areas where we can improve our service to further help you, our client.

3. How will this affect the turn-around time for my requests?

The turn-around time for a typical request will be decreased.

4. How will the turn-around time be decreased?

When you submit your request via your form, all the information is sent directly to our Help Desk where it will either be answered or dispatched to the appropriate person within the Medtech team.

5. I'm used to contacting <individual's name> from Medtech. Why can't I do this anymore?

Medtech personnel are often working on other projects or service requests that each have their deadline which makes the individual you are used to contacting unavailable. Other times, the person may simply be on leave. We understand that each and every request your make to our service is important to you and with the new form, you can be sure that your request will be assigned to the individual who can respond to your request in a timely manner with the professionalism you have come to expect from our service.

6. What if I want to request <individual's name> to work on my request?

You are of course free to request a specific individual work on your request. Simply enter the details in the online form that you would like to request a certain individual. If that person is available, then we will most certainly accommodate your request.

7. How do I communicate with the individual assigned to my request?

Every time you fill out our online form, you will receive (typically 10-15 minutes after you complete the form) a confirmation with an incident #. You may reply to that e-mail and your comments will be automatically logged into our system. The individual assigned to your request will also receive a copy of your comments.