IT Project Management Office

Business process analysis

In following with both our mission and vision statements, our dedicated team of managers and business analyst will work with you in the realization of your IT-related projects.

Project Management Office

The PMO is comprised on many different individuals who will work with you towards the successful realization of your project or initiative. The PMO is made up of:

  • A PMO Manager

    • Business Analysts & Project Managers
    • Quality Assurance analyst
    • Application Support Specialists

This team will act as a liaison between you, the client and the various IT resources within Medtech that are required to complete your project.

IT Governance Committee (ITGC)

The ITGC mandate is to review and prioritize all IT/IM projects that are requested by the various stakeholders of the Faculty of Medicine. These projects will be those that have already been authorized by the appropriate Vice Dean (or Chief Administrative Officer) and require scheduling and prioritization through the process of the ITGC. The ITGC will go though the list of requested projects and select the projects that will be undertaken on a quarterly basis.

This layer of governance ensures that any IT/IM projects or initiatives that are taken on by the Information Management Service's teams are properly aligned with the objectives of the Faculty of Medicine.

More information on the ITGC is available in the ITGC Terms of reference Adobe PDF (190 KB)

Requesting new projects / initiatives

The Medtech Project request form must be completed and submitted prior to considering any new IT projects or initiatives. Once a project is submitted, it will be forwarded to the Vice-Dean or Chief Administrative Officer of the portfolio for approval prior to being sent to Medtech.

Once a Vice-Dean or Chief Administrative Office approves the project request, a member of our PMO team will contact you to request more information on your project or initiative. Once all relevant information has been gathered, a quick scoping/estimate of the level effort and resources required to realize your project will be done. The required information will be captured for presentation at the next ITGC which meets on a quarterly basis.where Vice-Deans (or their delegate) will vote on the merits of the request. This governance process will then decide whether the project falls within the objectives of the Faculty of Medicine and whether or not resources from the Information Management Service should be allocated to see it to completion.

New project / initiative sponsor and Faculty portfolios

All new projects / initiatives must be sponsored by the Dean, a Vice-Dean or Chief Administrative Officer of the Faculty of Medicine. This sponsorship ensures alignment of all new IT projects or initiatives with those of the Faculty of Medicine.

The following portfolios are recognized within the structure of the ITGC. Each project request must be sponsored by the Vice-Dean or Chief Administrative Officer of the portfolio in order to be presented at the ITGC.

  • Undergraduate Medical Education

    • Postgraduate Medical Education
    • Continuing Professional Development
    • Bureau des affaires francophones (Francophone Affairs Office)
    • Faculty Administration
    • Graduate Studies
    • Research
    • Professional Affairs
    • Medtech
    • Health and Hospital Services
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