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Glenwood Goss

Professor of Medicine, University of Ottawa
Division of Medical Oncology

Dr Glenwood Goss is the Chair of the Thoracic Oncology Site Committee NCIC CTG, Professor of Medicine, University of Ottawa, and Director of Clinical and Translational Research at the Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre. He was the previous Division Head of Medical Oncology and the head of the Phase I Program at the Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, University of Ottawa. He is a clinical investigator in the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and the chair of the Clinical Research Executive Committee at the Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre.

For the past 8 years he has served on the IND Executive, NCIC CTG. Dr Goss is on the editorial board of a number of peer reviewed journals including Journal of Clinical Oncology and the Journal of Clinical Lung Cancer, and he chairs the Publications Committee of the International Association for the study of Lung Cancer.

His areas of interest are early cancer drug development and thoracic oncology. He has participated in the early development of the EGFR inhibitor gefitinib, and number of the VEGFR inhibitors including AZD2171, ABT869, brivanib and sutent. Dr Goss has been the principal investigator on a number of Phase III trials including the adjuvant North American Intergroup Trial CTSU BR.19 in non-small-cell-lung cancer. He is an investigator on a number of ongoing Phase I/II trials which include an anti-TWEAK antibody, a Hedgehog inhibitor, and a Notch inhibitor among others and currently chairs two large international randomized studies.

Dr Goss has been the recipient of multiple peer-reviewed and industry research grants. He collaborates closely with four senior scientists in the areas of EGFR, DNA repair, angiogenesis and oncolytic viruses and they have a number of ongoing translational research and biomarker projects.


  • Thoracic Cancer

Education and Training

  • MD, University of Witwatersrand


  • English

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Dr. Glenwood Goss
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