Tuition and Scholarships


The Faculty of Medicine is proud to announce that to date each incoming MD/PhD students has received the equivalent of his/her first year Medical Education tuition, more than $9000.00 in each of the fall and winter sessions, by the Faculty of Medicine’s Student Priority Fund. Each 2nd year MD/PhD student has also been supported through endowed fellowships. The matching is based on his or her topic of research and is overseen by a selection committee.

Graduate Admission Scholarship
The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (FGPS) has confirmed MD/PhD students that meet the 8.0/10 admission average, are eligible for an Admission Scholarship. This Scholarship is a payment of $3000.00 per semester, for all eleven semesters of the PhD portion of studies.

Graduate Excellence Scholarship
The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (FGPS) has confirmed that for MD/PhD students who meet the 8.0/10 admission average and have external funding, their Admission Scholarship will be replaced by an Excellence scholarship. This Scholarship will cover graduate tuition costs every semester for all eleven semesters of the PhD portion of studies.

Graduate Dean’s Scholarship
The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (FGPS) has confirmed that all MD/PhD students will obtain an additional lump sum payment of $3000.00 upon receipt of their PhD degree (Year 5 of the combined program).

Internal Financial Support

Owing to strong commitment by the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Graduate and Postgraduate Studies at the University of Ottawa and as a result of generous philanthropic support from our alumni, all students that are currently registered in the MD/PhD Program have benefited from full funding throughout their studies.

For example, during their sessions in the MD portion of the program, the tuition fees had been waived since the inauguration of our program in 2010 for each dual degree student.

As for the Ph.D. portion of the program (Years 3, 4 and 5), MD/PhD students were awarded a Graduate Admission Scholarship . In addition, all students have received the mandatory stipend from their research supervisor which is set at a minimum of $19,000.00 per academic year.

Rotations of our students in various laboratories during their summer months before they formally enter the PhD Program full-time have heretofore been financially supported through three “CIHR MD/PhD Program Grants” previously awarded to the Faculty of Medicine.

Medical School Tuition Fee Support

As a result of the increasing financial pressures that the Faculty of Medicine faces in light of recent budgetary constraints at the Province of Ontario level and the federal level (i.e., since the cancellation of future CIHR’s MD/PhD Grant Program support in 2015), we are currently recalculating the degree of monetary tuition support that will be provided during the four years of undergraduate medical school curriculum to each incoming dual degree student as of August 2017. We will communicate these changes to our applicants as soon as possible.

External Financial Support

All students are encouraged to apply for CIHR scholarships and other external scholarships offered to Canadian PhD students. Our students have been successful in obtaining the following awards, as shown in the table below:


(15 Eligible Students in Classes 2010-2014)

CIHR Vanier Scholarships 7
CIHR Graduate Student Scholarships 4
CIHR Doctoral Research Award 1
CIHR Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship 1
Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship 1



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