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Years 1 and 2: Students complete: the MD Preclerkship - multidisciplinary blocks; one to two graduate courses; and two summer laboratory rotations;
Years 3, 4 and 5: This time period is solely dedicated to PhD work;
Years 6 and 7: Students complete their MD Clerkship rotations.

Both degrees, i.e., MD and PhD, can be conferred together upon successful completion at the end of year 7, as is traditionally done across many universities. Alternatively, students who have completed all of the requirements of their PhD program in Year 5 (or Year 6), may choose to have their PhD degree conferred sooner, i.e., before they have completed the remaining years of the undergraduate medical school curriculum (see timetable below).

Figure 1:

Structure of proposed MD / PhD Program (see also above text). Y denotes year; S, summer; SC, seminar course; CE, comprehensive exam; DS, department seminar; TD, thesis defense preparation. 

Figure 1

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