There are three main streams from which we admit our MD/PhD students:

  1. Applicants who hold a BSc Honours degree (with a grade point average of A- or above) and have a proven record of research conducted during their undergraduate years (as documented in letters of recommendation and their curriculum vitae);

  2. Applicants who have already obtained a Masters degree;

  3. Applicants who are currently in a Masters program and who have completed all requirements except for the thesis. These students will have the opportunity to fast-track into the PhD component of the MD/PhD if they meet the necessary requirements already established by their graduate program;

Student Numbers

The MD/PhD Planning Committee at the University of Ottawa enrolls a maximum of four MD/PhD students per incoming MD class during the initial phase of our program.

For example, the total class size enrolled in the Medical Education program at the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Medicine in the fall of 2008 was comprised of 156 students; with 44 students enrolled in the francophone curriculum. If we assume a similar amount in subsequent years, MD/PhD students represent approximately 2.5 percent of the total enrollments in the Faculty of Medicine.

Admissible to MD Program Ranked for PhD portion Candidates Interviewed Candidates
2010/2011 100 40 20 18 4
2011/2012 258 28 19 16 3
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